I Am a “Sherpa” for Unhappy Lawyers Looking to Get More out of Life

For the past 9+ years, I’ve been helping frustrated, lost, unfulfilled attorneys just like you reignite their passion for life in a new, non-law alternative career they love. Nothing makes me happier than helping those of you who feel like there’s no hope find hope again so that you can find your purpose, leave the job you’re miserable in, and design a lifestyle of freedom and fulfillment.

In order to do this, there are 5 baby steps I will walk you through:


Mitigate Your Fears

Discover how to bust through the fears that are holding you prisoner inside a job you loathe

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Gain a New, Exciting Identity

Learn why you don’t have to give up the identity or respect you’ve gained as a lawyer

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Shift Your Money Mindset

Gain clarity around your finances so you can do what you truly love - without giving up your income

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Unlock Your Unique Genius

Find out how to leverage the skills you have right now to land your non-law dream job

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Build a Network for Success

Discover how to get out there and find the jobs that align with your Unique Genius

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