What keeps you practicing

I came across this interesting post from Beyond the Underground, What Do You Like Best About Being a Lawyer?

What do you like best?  What keeps you practicing the law?

  • Helping people?
  • Helping the underdog?
  • Fighting for a cause?
  • The intellectual challenge?
  • Being a source of advice and counsel?
  • Being a vehicle for change?
  • Knowing an area of law really well?
  • Enjoying the stature of my position?
  • Making money?

If you don’t like practicing the law, or don’t like being in the firm, or wish you had more personal freedom, could you still achieve some or all of the above even by doing something else?

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Bridge the unknown

At first, it can be very hard to leave the law, or continue to practice law and leave your current job.  The unknown is very hard to grasp and confront.

So how do you bridge that gap?  How do you get the wheels started on a new career, on a new day-to-day schedule, on a new you?  One way is contract legal work.

Now, before you succumb to the traditional reservations about contract work (the work is not stimulating, it will blemish my resume, I can’t stoop that low), do note that along with all of the major shifts in the legal industry, contract legal work is becoming its own practice area.  As an example, my friend Onna Young (whose coaching practice Life After Debt is a must for anyone wrestling with debt issues) forwarded me a Meetup group in Los Angeles of contract attorneys.  They meet once a month, share stories, a drink and referrals.

And with today’s technology, being a contract attorney is much more than working in your pajamas from your dining room table with a Yahoo or Hotmail email address.  Today, you can so easily throw up a nice looking site,

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