Unique Genius part one

Your unique genius is a skill, a talent, something that you do so well, that
comes so naturally to you, that you may not even view it as a gift, as an
ability . . . or as a marketable opportunity.

Your unique genius is something you do, or have done, for so long, maybe so
effortlessly, perhaps so artlessly, that you consider it to just be part of

It is also something that you enjoy immensely.

In short, your unique genius is something you are damn good at and have a
fun time doing.

Some of our great talents are more easily identifiable than others.  Some
people sing beautifully, some people write eloquently, some paint or draw
effortlessly, some tell hilarious jokes on a moment’s notice, others hit
tennis balls 100 miles an hour, some have a knack for languages, others seem
to always match their outfits just right, some just get the party started.

But other talents might be less tangible, harder to identify.  Encouraging
others to be courageous.  Consistently and attentively listening to others.
Emitting confidence. 

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Leaving the law is absurd

Leaving the law is absurd.  You may call it ridiculous.  Some may think it’s unreasonable.  It’s just not rational.

I mean, c’mon, this is your job.  This is how you pay your bills.  This is what you went to school for.  This is what people have expected of you.

And you make good money.  And you can buy what you want.  And you like the title.  Leaving all of this is just absurd.

Which is great.  This is just how it should be.

Because if it wasn’t absurd, it might not be worth talking about.  It might not be worth even thinking about.  It might not be worth attempting.  Because, as Einstein observed, “If at first, the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.”

So there is hope, for you, and for that idea you have . . . to set up that website, to open that store, to live off savings and travel the world for a while, to begin that small legal practice, to found that consulting business.

The very absurdity of leaving law is such a compelling reason to consider it.

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