You are unstoppable

Once you have seriously begun to leave the law, you won’t be able stop.

Leaving the law is equal parts ambition, motivation, frustration, creation, reflection, relaxation, satisfaction. For certain periods, it requires solitude. Other times it feeds off of collaboration.

It needs (and creates) courage.

Leaving the law is difficult and takes a long time to do.

But it is also unstoppable. Once you’ve begun, you won’t be able to stop.

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The value of nothing going right

Sometimes things just don’t go well.  Sometimes you’re in a funk.  Things don’t click.  Things don’t gel.  Nothing turns out right.  Things are off.  Sometimes it’s so hard to just practice the daily requirements of the law that you can’t even think about the courage required to leave it.

The anxiety about money rears its ugly head.  The insecurity about your life plan comes back in full force.  Everyone around you is doing better than you are.  You can’t shake that miserable cold.

Two things to remember.  First, the funk will go away.  You will (still) be able to buy nice things.  You will satisfy your ego.  You will celebrate the success of others.  You will stop coughing.

Second, and more importantly, this funk is necessary.  It’s necessary to be smacked around, challenged, called out, reduced.  It’s a threshold moment in the movie we call your life.  It’s your performance during these challenging times that endear you to your ticket paying audience.

It is enlightening to judge your character based on how you handle yourself during these times.  It also provides nice clips for a trailer . . .

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It’s not horrible

“Yeah, it’s okay, it’s not horrible, it’s alright, I mean . . . it’s cool.”

You may think of yourself as a great, fun, generous, exciting person.

You may consider your job, however, to be just okay.  And since you spend a good part of your life at your job, if your job is just okay, then it may be safe to say that a good part of your life is, likewise, just okay.

Imagine your eulogy:  “He/She was such a great person.  Miss him/her so much.  His/her life?  Well . . . it was . . . okay, yeah, not horrible.  I’d give his/her life a 5.5 overall.  Maybe a 6.”

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