There is more to an hour than just billing it

It’s just not a great model, ticking off increments of a sixty minute period.  It is not efficient and clients doubt its value.  And it’s just not much fun.

There are so many other ways to make money

  • Create a service that people subscribe to and provides recurring revenue (build a members website)
  • Provide consulting and be rewarded through a success based fee (be a broker or advisor of some kind on a deal or project)
  • Take a commission on a transaction (web based affiliate marketing)
  • Receive ongoing payments from the sale of an asset you have created (write a book).

Your unique genius + providing value + a good amount of time and patience = a new, satisfying way to make money.

When you leave the law, you find that you can make money in ways most lawyers will never have previously considered.

Use that hour for something else.

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You got great skills

One constant theme emerged from the emails I received after last Friday’s Leave Law Behind phone chat:  We often, if not all of the time, only think of ourselves as attorneys.  We focus on our title, not our underlying skills and talents.  We think that we can only be one thing.

It can be difficult to think of ourselves as anything but a lawyer – we worked hard to get through law school, we have paid a lot of money to gain the degree and license, we have spent a lot of time building up our practice, we have put a lot of effort into positioning ourselves strategically within our firm or organization.

This emphasis on title, however, serves as a major hurdle to leaving the law – once we convince ourselves that being an attorney is our sine qua non to income, self-worth and (perceived) satisfaction, than not being an attorney is . . . well . . . unnatural, just plain scary, crazy or akin to professional suicide.

In order to leave the law (or to make you happier in your practice of the law) describe yourself through your skills and talents,

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10 babysteps to help you leave the law behind

Leaving the law is not hard.  But gaining the courage to face the fear of leaving the law is.  Here are 10 easy-to-do babysteps to begin your journey of leaving law behind.

1.    Determine if you really need to leave the law:  When you think about your current unhappiness or dissatisfaction, take a second and really assess whether these can be attributable to your practice of the law.  Are you unfairly scapegoating the law? It there something else going on?  Or should you really consider leaving the law?

2.    Join me next week:  If the latter, then attend the next Leave Law Behind phone chat (this Friday July 8, more details to follow shortly).

3.    Begin working on and exploring your Unique Genius:  Your Unique Genius is a skill or a talent you are so good at, which comes so naturally to you, that you don’t even consider it work.  And, surprise, this is likely a talent that you can make money off of (even though such a concept may currently boggle your brain).  Aaron Ross of Pebblestorm recently put out a Unique Genius Assessment worksheet that is a great guide – download it here.

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