How to leave the practice of law

The Online Leave the Law Course from Casey Berman  

Learn how to get hired for non-law, alternative jobs that align with your skills and strengths 

If you'd like to stay, it's $97 per month. 30 day month back guarantee. Cancel anytime.

It's as risk-free as we can make it!

Who is this Course for?

This course can help you if you’re struggling in any way with: 

  • Feeling extremely unhappy being a lawyer 
  • Feeling your skills and strengths are misplaced in your job as an attorney 
  • Wishing you could do something more creative than practice the law 
  • Feeling burnt out, underappreciated or all alone 
  • Doubting your skills as an attorney and feeling like a "fraud" 
  • Hating the billable hour model, and wishing you could make more money 
  • Wishing you could add value to the world and help others in a meaningful way 
  • Wishing you could actually build something and not be a corporate cog 
  • Boredom 

These are all things we unhappy attorneys deal with. This Course provides you with the map to overcome these feelings and transform yourself. 

If you'd like to stay it's $97/ month. 30 day month back guarantee. Cancel anytime.

Let's dispel a few myths about leaving the law

 These common misconceptions are holding you back from leaving the law: 

  • It’s too difficult for me to find a mentor or help 
  • There is no else out there suffering from this 
  • I’m all alone 
  • It’ll costs too much to leave 
  • I’ll have to leave my job right now in order to leave the law 
  • I’ll never find out what jobs there are beyond Transaction and Litigation 
  • I’m too old … or I’m too young … to ever leave 
  • I’m too busy to find a way to leave the law 
  • I will disappoint my friends and family 
  • I’ll lose my whole identify I’ve carefully crafted if I leave the law 

I’m here to tell you that these are just myths. I have personally worked with all types of unhappy attorneys who were able to drive through these obstacles to find a non-law, alternative career 

Hear from attorneys who we've helped leave the law

Check out this video (it's only 4 minutes long) to listen to Gabe Rothman, a Leave Law Behind client who successfully left construction litigation to become a leading technical systems architect in the San Francisco technology community 

And Leave Law Behind has helped so many others just like you

  • We've helped the 40+ year old mother of two leave her government attorney role and become the director of Operations at a technology company.
  • We've helped the 12 year, unhappy BigLaw attorney leave his litigation job and become the editor and team leader of an intellectual property periodical.
  • We've helped the Big Law corporate transactional attorney leave the law to follow his passion as an executive director of a Washington DC non profit.
  • We've helped the Big Law litigator become VP of Operations for a Legal Tech startup.
  • We've helped the solo attorneys who love people become legal recruiters.
  • We've helped the contract attorney move into hi-tech as a project manager at a SaaS marketing start up

Who am I?

My name is Casey Berman, and I am founder of Leave Law Behind. 

I graduated from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law, in 1999 and spent most of my five-year legal career doing software licensing and other transactional work. I officially made the leap and left the law in 2004. I am on a personal mission to help unhappy, disgruntled, misaligned attorneys to leave the law to find jobs and careers that provide more satisfaction and self-worth. 

With 4,000 visitors each month, almost 3,000 weekly email subscribers and features in the Wall Street Journal, Above the Law, Huffington Post Live, Atlantic and Slate, Leave Law Behind is the leading blog helpng unhappy attorney to find alternative, non-law careers.  

What you will learn in the Leave the Law Course

I've figured out the steps to help you leave the law. 

It’s the method I’ve used to leave the law and create a successful career for myself. It’s the method I’ve used to help many of my clients and Leave Law Behind readers successfully change their lives. 

Now I want to show you exactly how you can do it too. I want to give you the detailed information you need to leave the law and create a new life for yourself. 

  • Month 1 - Learn to Mitigate and Extinguish the Fears So You Can Confidently Understand the Value You Bring the World And Get the (Non-Law) Job You Want 
  • Month 2 - Learn How to Create A New Professional Identity That is Something Other Than An Attorney and Leave Behind Your Need to Solely Identify as a Lawyer 
  • Month 3 - Learn How to Gain a Better Mindset Around Money (and Your Student Debt) And Become Better at Planning and Forecasting Your Financial Situation So You Can Leave the Law 
  • Month 4 – Learn How to Understand Exactly What Skills You are Good At, And Become Proficient At Building a Compelling Narrative to Convince "Non-Law" Hiring Managers You Are Right for the Alternative Job Role 
  • Month 5 – Learn how to Network with Non-Lawyers and Create Opportunities That Are In Alignment With What You Are Good At 

What you will get

  • Video lessons each month will show you how to transition out of law, and start a new career 
  • Downloadable worksheets, trainings and audio files 
  • Full access to group Live Trainings with Casey and other experts and thought leaders
  • Office Hours to submit questions that Casey will answer. Join in, ask questions just listen and watch!
  • Full access to the Trainings and Office Hours Recording Library and Archives
  • In addition to the video lessons and exercises, I’m creating a confidential Facebook group for discussion among members. This will be a group of like-minded, supportive friends for us to ask and answer questions about our specific struggles, share ideas and network and pass on open jobs and career ideas

How much of an investment is this?

  • Commit yourself to this Course and in just a few weeks, if you actually do the work, you’ll see the momentum and confidence and courage grow within you and you will really begin leaving the law. 
  • I know this is a life-changing, transformative Course. If you put what we say here in pracitve, you will transform your life. I’ve helped many others just like you using these ideas. 
  • This Course is worth thousands of dollars – how to overcome our core fears, how to release our need to identify professional as an attorney, how to plan our finances better how to understand what we’re good at and how these skills can be transferrable to non-law jobs, how to network and create opportunities – these ideas are worth $25,000 or more in my mind. 
  • Your dream of a new life becomes a reality if you put these into play. 
  • If you create a new reality for yourself, that would be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to you. I’m only asking you to invest $97 a month in your life. 
  • Start this course, actually do the exercises, and you will see your life change. Your financial investment will pay off 1000x over the course of the next year or two. I believe in this wholeheartedly. 

When does the Course run?

You can begin the Leave Law Behind Online Program right now. It’s designed for you to take it at your own pace. 

Very simple pricing

My normal 1-on-1 Coaching rate is $600/hour, so getting video training directly from me and also office hours every much for a much much lower cost is a fantastic value! ... all backed by our full 30-day money back guarantee

Monthly Member $97 per month

  • Module 1: Learn to Mitigate and Extinguish the Fears You Face in Leaving the Law (worth $197)  
  • Module 2: Learn How to Create a New Professional Identity That is Something Other Than an Attorney (worth $197) 
  • Module 3: Learn How to Gain a Better Mindset Around Money (worth $197) 
  • Module 4: Learn How to Understand Exactly What Skills You are Good At (worth $197) 
  • Module 5: Learn how to Network with Non-Lawyers and Create Opportunities (worth $197) 
  • Private Facebook Group Invite (worth $300) 
  • Full Training and Recording Archive (worth $600) 
  • Access to over 6 months of Office Hours calls (worth $600/mo) 
  • Bonus Video #1: Casey's Path to Leaving the Law (worth $197) 
  • Bonus Video #2: Special Guest Adam J. Ouellette, Former Attorney and Founder of Esquire Academy and Love or Leave the Law podcast, on How Your Subconscious Mind rules your life and also How to Identify and Start to Release thoughts and beliefs that aren't serving you (worth $497)

Total value: $3,179

(that's $3 per day)

Full 30-day Money Back Guarantee. Cancel anytime.

You Are Protected by The Leave Law Behind 100% Money Back Guarantee

I know, we lawyers are risk averse ... very risk averse! 

That's why we've decided to put all of the risk on us!

If within the first 30 days, you feel you're not getting the results you expect, or you just feel the community is not for you, you can get your money back, no questions asked. 

Hassle free cancel

And people stay members for different periods of time. 

Some people get everything they need out of the course and the community in a few months. Some people stay on for long periods of time and attend all the office hours, get their questions answered, and gain support from the group on a regular basis. 

You get to chose. Cancel anytime. Just email us to cancel your membership: 

The world needs you

Finally, I want to tell you this - the world needs you. 

The world needs what you can provide. The world needs you at your best. The world needs you at your most confident. The world needs you at your happiest. 

I'm here to help you. Now it's up to you, to decided that you finally want to take the steps to realize your full potential, to be in a job that aligns with you, to make more money, to help more people, to be more happy.

I look forward to getting to know you better and to working together!