Are you miserable being an attorney ... but too afraid to leave the law?

Are you worried that you won't be able to make money in a "non-law" job? Do you fear you will end up failing at your new, "non-law" job? Do you fear leaving the law and disappointing your friends and family?


Hi. I am Casey Berman, Founder of Leave Law Behind.

I’ve spent the last 8 years of my life creating free and paid-for online resources and courses to help unhappy, disgruntled, misaligned attorneys leave the law to find "non-law", alternative jobs and careers that provide more satisfaction and self-worth.  

I gradated University of California, Hastings College of the Law in 1999, and worked as an in-house licensing attorney for 5 years before leaving the law in 2004.

I founded Leave Law Behind in 2009 after I spoke to a group of graduates from my alma mater UC Hastings about my path in leaving the law. The Leave Law Behind community has grown into the thousands, and I am honored to have you be part of it.  

I am with you each step of the way until you land that non-law, alternative job. I will work with you until you leave the law. As long as it takes, I am with you.  


How I Can Help You

In 2009 I began to get multiple requests to help people leave the law. Because I successfully transitioned from technology attorney to management consultant to technology executive to entrepreneur, I've been able to transfer what I know to help many of my clients leave the law.

I realized that I had figured out a system to help people leave the law. 

As such, I started a Personal Consulting practice, and recently built a self-paced Online Course and Program, to help attorneys like you transition to "non-law", alternative careers. 

The Personal Consulting and self-paced Online Course represents 13 years of my hard work, trial & error, testing and repeated success in leaving the law for myself and helping many others do the same.

You could take years to learn this yourself. But I like to think I've done the heavy lifting for you already. 

This isn't something you just figure out overnight ... or try to do on your own in your space time. In fact, I’ve met plenty of unhappy attorneys who are trying to leave the law on their own, in fits and starts. Unfortunately most of them aren't getting the results they really want. 

But once you know the steps of how to leave the law – this Program is the most direct way to change your life, increase your confidence, and finally experience the happiness that is inside of you. 

The Program is a clear, manageable five-step process designed to help you get better at identifying what you are really good at, learning what non-law jobs would be a fit for you, and then getting out there to create and find opportunities. 

It’s the method I’ve used to leave the law and create a successful career for myself. It’s the method I’ve used to help many of my clients and Leave Law Behind readers successfully change their lives. 

Now I want to show you exactly how you can do it too. I want to give you the detailed information you need to leave the law and create a new life for yourself.  

I'm with you each step of the way. You have access to me via email, Live Trainings, Office Hours.

We all have different ways we learn, different timeslines to leave the law, and different financial situations. So, I've designed four easy, cost-effective ways you can begin (see further down below).

And because we attorneys are so risk averse, there is a full 30-day money back guarantee. If you want a refund, just let me know, no questions asked. 

I can't force you to leave the law and be happy. But if you are ready, I can help. See more below.



If you're serious about leaving your practice of the law behind, and finding an alternative, "non-law" job, this program is for you.

This program will help you:

  • Learn the 5-step process for leaving the law and successfully transitioning into a new, non-law career that fills you with pride, confidence, and happiness each and every day 
  • Identify what I call your "Unique Genius" – those traits, skills and strengths that you’re good at, and that you enjoy, and how to transfer these skills to non-law jobs that need them
  • Identify all the myths and misconceptions surrounding leaving the law and how you can overcome them to turn your dreams into reality 
  • Learn how to transform your relationship with money so you'll never worry about paying off debt ... and what true "value" is and all the many ways you can make good money without billing clients every 6 minutes
  • Get better at networking and creating non-lawyer job opportunities for yourself that will be a true fit for your talents, current skillset, and passions 
  • See how to uncover your transferable skills and leverage them to get hiring managers contacting you with job offers - not the other way around 
  • New ways to beat back fears, reduce our anxiety and build up our confidence, courage and self-worth in order to build momentum as you leave behind a career you hate to transition into one you love 



  • Online Course Clients have unlimited access to me via email to ask me any question you want or to strategize (I am with you over email until you leave the law)
  • Video lessons delivered each month that will show you how to transition out of law and start a new career that aligns with who you really are 
  • Downloadable worksheets, trainings, and audio files you can take on the go or even complete on your morning commute 
  • Full access to live group trainings with me and other experts and thought leaders who want to see you succeed 
  • Live Office hours where you can submit questions that I will answer personally 
  • Full access to the complete trainings and office hours recording library and archives 
  • An invite to our exclusive (soon to be launched) members only Facebook group. Inside this private community, members will get the opportunity to support each other, share job ideas, and network with like-minded people who understand exactly what you’re going through



In the Program, I will work directly with you to implement the proven five step process to leave your law practice behind:

  • Step 1 - Learn to Mitigate and Extinguish the Fears So You Can Confidently Understand the Value You Bring the World And Get the (Non-Law) Job You Want 
  • Step 2 - Learn How to Create A New Professional Identity That is Something Other Than An Attorney and Leave Behind Your Need to Solely Identify as a Lawyer  
  • Step 3 - Learn How to Gain a Better Mindset Around Money (and Your Student Debt) And Become Better at Planning and Forecasting Your Financial Situation So You Can Leave the Law  
  • Step 4 – Learn How to Understand Exactly What Skills You are Good At, And Become Proficient At Building a Compelling Narrative to Convince "Non-Law" Hiring Managers You Are Right for the Alternative Job Role  
  • Step 5 – Learn how to Network with Non-Lawyers and Create Opportunities That Are In Alignment With What You Are Good At  



"Casey is an amazing human being. He is the type of person I feel lucky to have met regardless of circumstance and I treasure his friendship. As a mentor, Casey has been invaluable. Without him I would not have found the boldness and persistence to do the all of the things ultimately required for me to transition out of my litigation career. I’ve truly found my unique genius and I owe a huge amount of my new-found success and happiness to him."

- Gabe Rothman, Former Construction Litigation Attorney turned Technology Solutions Architect in San Francisco 

"Casey's methodical program is designed to help his students navigate through the difficult, yet fulfilling process of changing career trajectories in a pace that suits their unique life situation. I started coaching from Casey roughly one year after I first contacted him and wholeheartedly believe it was one of the best career decisions of my life."

Commercial Litigator, Los Angeles, California, (Consulting Client) 



Join the Leave Law Behind Online Course + Unlimited Email Access with Casey for $997

  • This option is ideal for the person who is serious about leaving the law, and comfortable with using the self-paced, online course and email access to me, Casey
  • When you buy this option, you gain full access to all of the Course all at once. And there are no ongoing or subscription fees whatsoever.
  • With the Online Course, you also get full access to the Live Trainings & Office Hours PLUS unlimited 1-to-1 email support from me, Casey.
  • An invite to our exclusive members only Facebook group. Inside this private community, members will get the opportunity to support each other, share job ideas, and network with like-minded people who understand exactly what you’re going through
  • I am with you each step of the way until you land that non-law, alternative job.  
  • And if you need one-to-one Personal Consulting time with me, Casey, you can sign up ala carte as needed. Prices begin at $499 for one hour or $399 per hour for a package of three hours.
  • Buy now for $997 (or 5 payments of $200)

Full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee: If you want a refund, email me at help@leavelawbehind.com and I'll refund your money, no questions asked. 



I'm a real person :) I live here in San Francisco (with my wife, two kids, three fish and one dog). If you want to talk, or have a question about which program is better for you, schedule a free time to talk to me here.


And if you're interested, you can review the terms and conditions for the Online Course and Personal Consulting.