Thinking about leaving the law, but not sure where to begin?

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The four things you need to do before applying for the job at the end of this post, or for that matter, any job

July 22, 2015

Last week, I publicly declared that I was a writer. And guess what? The world didn’t end. I wasn’t ridiculed. No one said I was arrogant or pompous or simply mistaken. In fact, I received a lot of supportive emails. I received a lot of emails from attorneys saying they felt like they were writers […]

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The one thing we cannot deny or suppress any longer

July 9, 2015

It was in the garage on a recent Saturday that I was reminded of what I want to be in life. As my wife and I tried to package items to give away or throw away, and as our kids scoured the shelves and bins for old toys they had forgotten but now wanted to […]

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How some leave the law and others do not

June 24, 2015

I was talking with an unhappy and dissatisfied attorney who so badly wants to leave the law but is having difficulty dealing with the pain and shame she regularly feels when she looks back on her time in law school and at the firm. She feels it’s been a waste of time. She feels it’s […]

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Leaving the law is first about arriving back with our self

June 2, 2015

This past Saturday night I wrote. The family was asleep. Asleep. Asleep and quiet. We have a new dog, this great, young, big bundle of energy and the dog was asleep. The house was quiet. I was quiet. Very quiet. And for the first time in what had been a busy week I was really […]

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The key to happiness (and leaving the law) is in helping others

May 23, 2015

“If you want happiness for an hour—take a nap. If you want happiness for a day—go fishing. If you want happiness for a month—get married. If you want happiness for a year—inherit a fortune. If you want happiness for a lifetime—help others.” – Chinese proverb I received an email from a reader last week. The […]

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Why our law degree won’t be considered a waste even if we leave the law

May 9, 2015

Annie Little, a blogger and writer at Attorney at Work, asked me and a number of other lawyers and bloggers to write about numerous topics on the law and alternative careers to the law. Annie had me focus on the question  “How valuable is your law degree“. For the most part, the value of a law […]

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My 21 step guide on how to leave the law and begin anew

April 23, 2015

The issue many of us run into when attempting leave the law is we have no idea where to begin. By its nature, leaving the law is kind of a formless, unstructured exercise. Sure, there is precedent of some kind in that other lawyers have left the law and we can read their stories. But even […]

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What you find out when you let go of your life plan

April 14, 2015

We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us. – Joseph Campbell   I have let go of and changed my life plan a few times. Sometimes the circumstances around me forced me to change my plan. And sometimes I […]

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What bungee jumping and leaving the law have in common (and how I did both)

March 26, 2015

The following post was written by Leave Law Behind reader, Chris Jones, formerly of Cadwalader Wickersham & Taft and now VP of Content for AppointmentCore, a scheduling automation software company. Take it away Chris … Every year, I try to do something that scares me. In 2011, that meant jumping off the world’s highest bungee bridge in […]

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Three ways to overcome the main problem we have in leaving the law

March 19, 2015

I love reading the submissions I receive from Leave Law Behind readers through the confidential survey we have on the site. It is a great way for readers to send me anonymous thoughts and ideas and feedback and to flat out vent. And I find it an extremely valuable insight as to what the community […]

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