Thinking about leaving the law, but not sure where to begin?

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What is Leave Law Behind?

Leave Law Behind is a consulting practice through which we assist attorneys in all stages of professional satisfaction.

We work with disillusioned lawyers who want to leave the law altogether and start their own business.  We work with lawyers who like what they do, but feel trapped, either by the demands of the firm, their physical location, or inability to spend more time with their families.  We also work with lawyers who like their current job as it is right now, but are interested in building other side businesses or ventures.

There is an easier, less painful, less stressful and lucrative way to make money, enjoy your day-to-day, and feel good about who you are.  I know, because I’m on that path right now, and I want to share with you what I’m doing.

Why Should I Contact Leave Law Behind?

Are you wrestling with any of the following?:

•       I do not like the practice of law.
•       I do not like my job now.
•       I feel I should continue practicing law because I paid for law school.
•       I practice law as so much of my identity is tied up in being a lawyer.
•       I wish I could leave my job.
•       I want to be an entrepreneur.
•       I like practicing the law, but I want to work from home.
•       I like practicing the law, but I want to leave the firm grind.
•       I like practicing the law, but I want to work in another city.
•       I want to work from anywhere I please.
•       I want to make money from what I enjoy.
•       I’d like to create my own business, but I don’t know how.
•       I’d like to create my own business, but I don’t know what I am good at.
•       I’d like to create my own business, but I don’t know where to start.
•       I’d like to create my own business, but how I will pay my bills?

What members of Leave Law Behind have said:

I traded in all that law firm ‘security’ for my freedom.  Freedom to be my own boss, to work when I want and how I want, to take off from work more than 2 weeks per year, to actually spend time with friends and family and see friends when they are in town.  I used to think that it was too scary to go out on my own.  But really, it is too scary to stay in a situation or career that makes you miserable.  I had always thought ‘I’m not an entrepreneur’.  Casey and the Leave Law Behind program gave me the confidence to make the leap, and the tools to do it intelligently.

Without getting into a play by play retelling of the entire Leave Law Behind process, my experience was phenomenal.  It was everything I was hoping to get. Casey is truly gifted in his ability to help people recognize the ‘rules’ aka ‘bullshit’ that they allow to govern the way they lives their lives. He was able to quickly help me break down why I am where I am in my career and where I deviated from pursuing the things I really want to do in my life, but abandoned or postponed in the name of practicality and growing up.’  I don’t think I can be more enthusiastic in my praise for Casey as a mentor and friend or in my recommendation of the Leave Law Behind course as a fundamental building block in the process of gaining the courage to give yourself permission to leave the law and begin the process of building the career you really want.

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