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Casey Berman - Leave Law Behind

Casey Berman

Founder, Leave the Law Coach

I like to joke that I went to law school for the simple reason that I was a Jewish kid who didn't like blood ... so I decided to attend law school, and not medical school! That's about as critically as I thought about becoming a lawyer! I left the law in 2004 after focusing on software licensing, mainly because I found the practice of law to be very reactive and always about putting out fires. I also never considered myself that good of a lawyer. Since then, from my home base in San Francisco, I've been on a mission to help other unhappy, unfulfilled attorneys create their own alternative, dream careers out of the law like I have.

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Adam Ouellette

Leave the Law Coach

I practiced law for over 20 years in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, across the areas of commercial real estate closings, real estate litigation, business law and family law to name a few. I built a very successful law practice, but realized I liked the business of building a firm more than practicing law. I also found the practice of law to be so overwhelming and stressful, that it began to impair my health - I was rushed to the hospital three times for stress-related incidents! So I left the law and have been writing and speaking ever since on life purpose, career change and entrepreneurship from my horse ranch near Asheville.

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What Our Course Members Are Saying

We've helped upwards of 100 attorneys just like you leave the law for an alternative career they love and are good at. Read below how we've helped Tyler, Gabe and Fil.

Tyler Hinz



"The Leave Law Behind Program gave me the tools necessary to get out of the law, and in a way in which I could leverage my past to attain my new career. By following the Modules step by step, I was able to quickly learn and build on Casey’s leave the law concepts with minimal questions or frustration."

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CONSTRUCTION LITIGATOR TURNED director of tech MARKETING & sales optimization

"I was anxious about leaving the security of the law, but now I earn even more money than I did as a lawyer. My "lawyer" skills have been a perfect fit for these "non-law' jobs - I've been promoted three times and my career growth seems limitless. On top of that, I am a much happier, calmer and motivated person. I even look forward to work on Mondays!"


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Fil Asgedom



"It is not hyperbole to say that working with Leave Law Behind has changed my life! From the help in overcoming my fears of leaving the law to the insightful and honest video tutorials to the way the material was all presented in such an easy to understand way, my experience with Casey and his team has been nothing short of outstanding ... it's literally been life changing!"

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