False pretenses

Many of you have written in regarding Sunday’s New York Times article Is Law School a Losing Game.  The article discusses in depth how law schools are highly profitable, cash cow businesses.  In order to continue to attract more and more students (and more and more tuition payments), the article describes how some law schools look to prop up their US News & World Report ranking by, among other metrics, finessing and overplaying the employment rate of their graduates.  The article alleges that many law schools promise to aspiring law students a job market that just no longer exists.

A number of unhappy law students, graduates and blogs (Third Tier Reality, Shilling Me Softly, Subprime JD and Rose Colored Glasses) are profiled, many of whom lament entering law school (and incurring the corresponding student loan debt) under the false pretense that a legal education would secure them a legal job.

The ire is understandable, but really a waste of time.

You see, we can protest the way law schools pad their graduation rates, we can become angry at undelivered employment promises we felt we deserved,

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