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About Leave Law Behind

Leave Law Behind is a blog and community focused on one thing:  Helping unhappy attorneys leave the law.  It’s for disgruntled attorneys who want to leave law altogether; for lawyers who enjoy their work but want to change their day-to-day work routine or career trajectory; and for attorneys who simply want to explore other businesses and ventures on the side.

Founded by Casey Berman, a 1999 graduate of University of California Hastings, Leave Law Behind is where attorneys can learn to expand beyond or outright leave their current legal practice in order to start a business, create an enjoyable lifestyle and to feel cool about themselves all over again.  Follow the blog.

Through Leave Law Behind you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s okay to not “be” a lawyer anymore.
  • Why your personal identity need not be tied to being a lawyer.
  • What is your Unique Genius and how to create your dream business.
  • To make money without having to bill 2000 hours a year.
  • To live a more flexible lifestyle.
  • To be cool again . . .

Read the blog here.

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