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  • Lifetime Access to Monthly Group Coaching & Office Hours Sessions with Casey
  • Collaborate and Network with Fellow Leave Law Behind Members and Graduates in the Exclusive Members Forum
  • Be Ready to Apply to Non-Law Jobs with the Leave Law Behind Portfolio of 21 "Alternative" Job Resumes
  • Module 1: Learn How to Overcome The Fears Once and For All That Paralyze You From Leaving the Law
  • Module 2: Become Comfortable With Gaining a New Professional Identity Other Than An Attorney
  • Module 3: Learn How to Shift Your Money Mindset to One That is Healthier and More Beneficial to You
  • Module 4: Understand Your Unique Genius and Which of Your Skills are Transferable to "Alternative" Careers
  • Module 5: Be Empowered to "Get Out There" With Scripts and Templates to Find and Create "Non-Law" Careers  
  • Modules 6 to 8: Learn How to Live Your "Ideal Life"
  • Module 9: Open Your Eyes to How to Get More Done in Less Time
  • Module 10: Putting it All Together - How to Get Into "The Flow"
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  • Get a Better Relationship With Money With Our "Shift Your Money Mindset" Financial Planning Spreadsheets
  • Leave the Law Quickly with our Accelerated "Leave the Law in 100 Days" Curriculum
  • Bonus: Access to The "Intention Setting" Program
  • Bonus: Access to the "All About Money" Abundance Series 
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Want to Learn More About the Program? We've Laid Out All the Detail and Information Below, Let's Dive In ...

A Brief Note From Casey Berman, Founder of Leave Law Behind (University of California, Hastings College of the Law '99 and former software licensing attorney)

If you’re serious about leaving the legal profession for an alternative, “non-law” job, I took the time to lay out the detail how my Leave Law Behind Program can easily, quickly and affordably help you do so. 

Please read the below for all of the information about the Program. I timed it ... this page is only about a 12-15 minute full read. 

I also included FAQ's at the bottom of this page for you to review. 

When you're ready, click the “Buy” or “Join the Program” buttons to sign up. 

I hope you do join us in the Leave Law Behind Program - it would be an honor to be part of the process as you leave the law for your dream career. 

And if you have any further questions, feel free to email me at 

Alright, let's dive in!

What Is the Leave Law Behind Career Coaching Program? 

The Leave Law Behind Online Career Coaching Program Shows You How to Quickly and Easily Transition into a “Non-Law”, Alternative Career You Love … Without Struggling to Pay Off Debt, Without Going Back to School, & Without Losing the Respect You've Earned.  

The Program Has Helped Real Lawyers Like You, to Really Leave the Law, With Real, Profound Life Changing Results. 

Casey is an amazing human being. Without him I would not have found the boldness and persistence to do the all of the things required for me to transition out of my litigation career. I’ve truly found my unique genius and I owe a huge amount of my new-found success and happiness to him..  

Gabe Rothman, Former Construction Litigator now Senior Director of Business Systems at software company Mesosphere

First, Let's Dispel a Few Myths About Leaving the Legal Profession for an “Alternative” Career

These common misconceptions are likely holding you back from leaving the law: 

  • It’s too difficult for me to find a mentor or help 
  • There is no one else out there suffering from this 
  • I’m all alone 
  • It’ll costs too much to leave 
  • I’ll have to leave my job right now in order to leave the law 
  • I’ll never find out what jobs there are beyond Transaction and Litigation 
  • I’m too old … or I’m too young … to ever leave 
  • I’m too busy to find a way to leave the legal profession 
  • I will disappoint my friends and family 
  • I’ll lose my whole identify I’ve carefully crafted if I leave my law practice  

I’m here to tell you that these are just myths. The Leave Law Behind Program has helped all types of unhappy attorneys who were able to drive through these obstacles to find a non-law, alternative career.  

These are all some form of Fear. We help you not let these Fears block you from creating your "ideal life". 

For What Type of Attorney Is The Leave Law Behind Career Coaching Program Designed?

The Leave Law Behind Program can help you if you’re struggling in any way with:

  • Feeling extremely unhappy being a lawyer 
  • Feeling your skills and strengths are misplaced in your job as an attorney 
  • Wishing you could do something more creative than practice the law 
  • Feeling burnt out, underappreciated or all alone 
  • Doubting your skills as an attorney and feeling like a "fraud" 
  • Hating the billable hour model, and wishing you could make more money 
  • Wishing you could add value to the world and help others in a meaningful way 
  • Wishing you could actually build something and not be a corporate cog 
  • Boredom with or not caring about the practice of the law or your clients

The Leave Law Behind Program Will Walk You Through The Entire Process Of How To Leave Your Law Practice and Find Your Dream Career

Because the Program covers every aspects of how to leave the legal profession, it is designed to cater to all types unhappy attorneys: Those of you in BigLaw and small firm and solo lawyers as well as government attorneys.

As a Leave Law Behind Program Member, you will learn:  

  • How to overcome the fears that block and paralyze you from leaving the law and transforming your life.  
  • How to debunk the many myths about career change that prevent you from finding your dream career.  
  • How to become comfortable with saying you are not solely an attorney any longer and aligning with a new “non-law” professional identity  
  • How to get a better handle on your finances, understand how much money you really have and how you can leave the law with as little disruption as possible to your income flow  
  • How to get a better “money mindset” as you leave your law practice, and move your outlook from one of “lack” to one of “abundance”  
  • How to understand which belief systems you have are serving you well … and which ones are detrimental to your life and need to be discarded
  • How to appreciate your day job as an attorney (even if you don’t like it) as a contributor to your next phase in life 
  • How to learn how to “get things done” (like leaving the law) a lot quicker and more efficiently  
  • How to understand what you are really good at (what we call your “Unique Genius”) and create a personal narrative of your skills and strengths that can add value to a "non-law" job  
  • How to find the right “alternative” job to pursue that fits with your skills and strengths and that you will enjoy  
  • How to network, use LinkedIn, meet the right people, source job opportunities and land your dream career  
  • How to explore your “life purpose” and why you are on this planet, and then align jobs and career that connect with your meaning 

Why You Should Get Started: The Leave Law Behind Career Coaching Program

When it comes to any career transition, and especially leaving the legal profession, you’re going to encounter many roadblocks along the way.

The Leave Law Behind Program will save you the time and heartache by preventing you from making most of the unneeded mistakes and setting you on your path to a new career as efficiently and fast as possible. 

In other words, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you to learn how to leave the law.

By the end of the Program, you will:

  • Master the 5-step process for leaving the law and successfully transitioning into a new, non-law career that fills you with pride, confidence, and happiness each and every day  
  • Identify all the myths and misconceptions surrounding leaving the law and learn how you can overcome them to turn your dreams into a reality 
  • Have a very clear picture of what you are good at, and where you can add value in a “non-law” job. This is what I call your "Unique Genius" – those traits, skills and strengths that you’re good at, and that you enjoy, and how to transfer these skills to non-law jobs that need them
  • Understand your personal “narrative” and know how to position yourself for a new career with confidence  
  • Determine which “Belief Systems” actually run your life … and decide which beliefs serve you well, and which ones do not.  
  • Understand and market to hiring managers how your “legal” skills are actually “transferable” to “non-law” jobs  
  • Save a lot of time and money by using our custom developed resumes, cover letters and email scripts without having to hire a special resume writer  
  • Understand which jobs there are in the world (beyond Litigation and Transactional work) and make the right choices and decisions about which jobs to pursue  
  • Feel aligned and connected with your life purpose  

And because the Program is created in a straightforward and actionable manner, you will be able to get up to speed quickly and painlessly even if you’re just beginning the “leave the law” process.  

And if you have begun to leave the law already, the Leave Law Behind Program will help you take your career transition process to the next level by providing you with new ideas on how to understand what you are good at, how to reposition your skills and how to pursue new jobs. 

Here’s a Summary of What You’ll Get Access to on the Inside ...

As soon as you sign up, you can begin immediately. You will automatically receive via email a log-in to the Member’s online portal (to which you have lifetime access).  

First off, the Program is divided into 10 different modules consisting of helpful and easy-to-use lessons, exercises, worksheet and videos. Each lesson details exactly what tasks you should complete and carry out to move you closer to leaving the law and landing your dream job and career.  

In addition to the lesson materials, the Program also contains:  

  • Lifetime access to over 40 in-depth video tutorials (over 20 hours and counting …)
  • Lifetime access to weekly Live Trainings and Office Hours and online webinars
  • Lifetime access to our exclusive members forum (where you can connect with me, my team, Leave Law Behind graduates and other members just like you to network, share ideas, and help each other)
  • Lifetime access to interviews and webinars with career transition leaders, experts and Leave Law Behind graduates
  • Detailed “non-law” job Resumes and Cover Letters for you to personalize and begin using
  • Spreadsheets to help you with financial planning and job/skills matching
  • Worksheets to apply what you’ve learned 

Receive Instant Access To A Comprehensive Library of Step-by-Step Video Tutorials 

All of the tasks and lessons in the Program are reinforced with over 20 hours of recorded video. After helping so many people leave the law, I know that leaving the legal profession and making this career transition can be a confusing process, especially if this is your first time ever considering being something “other than an attorney”.  

That is why I’ve laid out each lesson in a chronological order so you can make progress on your life journey in a logical fashion.  

Every module is comprehensive and covers everything you need to know - from overcoming fears to becoming comfortable with your new identify to gaining a better money mindset to understanding your unique skills better through seeing which jobs are the best for you and your life purpose.  

Also, we are constantly adding new videos, Live Trainings, teachings, resumes, and job ideas to keep you up to day with the latest information you need to leave the legal profession.

Receive Instant Access to Live Trainings and Office Hours During Which You Can Ask Me Coaching Questions in Real Time

Let’s face it. Each of us unhappy attorneys looking to leave the legal profession is different with our own set of unique challenges, insecurities, fears and desires.  

While the videos in the Program do a great job of teaching you how to leave the legal profession for a new, “non-law” job, it’s impossible to cover every possible scenario someone may face in leaving the law. There will always be a certain aspect of your life journey that ONLY applies to you!  

That is why it’s crucial to have access to a team of real live people who care about your success to help you with your own set of unique challenges.  

That team of people is me, Casey Berman … and my business partner and fellow former attorney, Adam Ouellette. 

As part of this Program, you will have access and be invited to our Live Trainings and Office Hours where you can ask your questions up front via email or live on the chat.  

We have two Live Trainings and Office Hours twice per month (most months).  

Think of these as your own coaching session with me ... for no extra charge.

Also during the Live Trainings and Office Hours, new lessons are presented on a regular basis to ensure that the Program material remains fresh and up-to-date and helpful for you. As an example, we are consistently discussing how to explore, frame, create and market your “Unique Genius” (skills and strengths) to address the many ways you can position your “transferable” skills.  

And do not worry if you cannot make the Live Trainings and Office Hours live, as they will all be recorded and available in the Program for Members for later viewing.  

PLUS once you sign up, you’ll have instant access to all the previously recorded Live Trainings and Office Hours as well. 

Receive Instant Access To Our Private Members Forum

Finally, you’ll have immediate access to our private members forum (we use the group collaboration and communication tool Slack) where you can literally ask any question you wish on subjects as varied as overcoming fears to how to define your Unique Genius to connecting on real life jobs.  

Plus you can see all of the questions that other members have posted as well. We personally monitor the forums each day and provide answers to all types of questions.  

And all Members have access to my and Adam’s private email address, so you can ask us any question in private too that we can address via the Live Trainings. Throughout the Program, we will be constantly adapting the material based on your questions and offer extra lessons. After all, we want to tailor this Program based on your specific circumstances.  

See For Yourself: An Inside Look at the Leave Law Behind Online Program

If you’re in the market for a brand new car, then you would expect to be able to take it for a test drive, right? But for some reason, many online courses don’t ever let you take a peek under the hood prior to parting with your hard earned money.

I want you to see all we’ve created, prior to buying. So in the short video below, I provide a complete walk through of all of the the essential features of the Leave Law Behind Program and highlight the main factors that have made this online Program the standard for lawyers looking to make a career transition out of the law. 

What Topics Will Be Covered in the 10 Modules?

The Leave Law Behind Program materials are divided into 10 main modules, each of which is composed of many lessons, resources, videos and worksheets. Each lesson stands on its own and will provide clear instructions on how to proceed.

Below is an overview of what is covered in each module.  

Module 1: Learn to Mitigate and Extinguish the Fears So You Can Confidently Understand the Value You Bring the World And Get the (Non-Law) Job You Want  

Fear of failure and embarrassment and risk and ridicule (and many others) can stop you dead in your tracks before you can even get started leaving the law.

In Module 1, we explore how to become courageous and creative and forceful in reducing these fears and mitigating them as obstacles.

We’ve spent hours identifying and unpacking the top 20 fears that hold you back from leaving the law. We identify them for you, we demystify them and provide you with the actionable tips to leave.

We discuss 9 actionable ways to reduce the influence and weight these fears have on us.

We answer some focused questions and do exercises to help you overcome these fears.

And once you're done with Module 1, you will have identified the fears keeping you from leaving the law and you can find ways to make these fears less and less scary.  

Module 2: Learn How to Create a New Professional Identity That is Something Other Than An Attorney and Leave Behind Your Need to Solely Identify as a Lawyer 

A major hurdle many of us face in leaving the law involves our identity as a lawyer. For some of us, we’re so unhappy being a lawyer, or have never felt comfortable calling ourselves a lawyer, that shaping a new professional identity may not be that difficult. 

But for many of us, being a lawyer is the only professional title we have known. We have a lot invested in it and it can be difficult for us to shift and call ourselves anything else.  

In Module 2, you will explore how to address your identity as a lawyer and how to not let your past life as an attorney and law student undermine your future.

And we know that when you’re leaving the law, your confidence can be on fumes. We identify what may be bringing down your confidence (bad grades in law school, bad law firm experience, imposter syndrome, etc.) and help you identify the right belief systems that can assist you in regaining your confidence.  

And once you're done with Module 2, you can be in a good position to begin to exorcise the demons your law practice and your time in school may hold over your head, like your need to squeeze out more of a ROI from your law school “investment”, that prevents you from moving forward with positive change in your life.

Module 3: Learn How to Gain a Better Mindset Around Money (and Your Student Debt) And Become Better at Planning and Forecasting Your Financial Situation So You Can Leave the Law  

Before polishing your resume, or looking at potential jobs, or interviewing with a recruiter, or doing anything else, a crucial step in properly leaving the law requires becoming as confident and exact as possible in understanding what you can financially afford (and not afford) to do as you plan to leave your law practice. 

In Module 3, you will learn ideas on how to get a handle on your money situation and to become as confident and exact as possible in understanding (i) your expenses, as well as any (ii) safety net and other sources of financial support you can call upon if needed.  

In our newly added special “Abundance Series” focusing on your relationship with Money, we dig really deep into how to begin to view your mindset around money … We explore what are some of the fears you have about money … we catalogue the personal, societal and collective beliefs you have about money, and how they create your money realities (for better or for worse) … we examine what money really is (I think this will surprise you) … and detail some helpful ways to move beyond these belief systems and create new beliefs that work for you.  

When you're done with Module 3, you will be in a good position to face and overcome many of the fears you may have about money, including:  

  • The fear of the unknown
  • The fear of a lack of financial literacy
  • The fear of student debt
  • The fear of facing your bad spending habits
  • The fear of having the “money talk” with your spouse or partner
  • The fear that you can’t make money in any way other than being an attorney
  • The fear that if leave your job as an attorney you'll soon be financially ruined  

Module 4: Learn How to Understand Exactly What Skills You are Good at, And Become Proficient At Building a Compelling Narrative to Convince "Non-Law" Hiring Managers You Are Right for the Alternative Job Role  

In Module 4, we focus on exploring your Unique Genius - those skills and strengths and enjoyments that come so naturally to you, so effortlessly to you, that you don’t even think of them as a skill.

It is upon these skills that you do so well that you will begin to base your post-lawyer life and career. It is with these strengths at which you excel that you will begin to create a life of confidence and self-worth.  

In Module 4, this is where the rubber hits the road. You learn how to: 

  • Ask the right questions from your network to truly understand what you excel at
  • Take these skills and strengths and create a compelling personal narrative
  • Utilize this narrative to find jobs and careers that fit with you and one day impress hiring managers with how much of a fit you are with their job requirements  

Module 5: Learn how to Network with Non-Lawyers and Create Opportunities That Are In Alignment With What You Are Good At  

In Module 5, you learn how to reach out and meet with other people in order to build sincere connections of trust so these people will help you find opportunities that align with your Unique Genius and personal narrative.

Module 5 teaches you how to:  

  • Identify jobs that align with your Unique Genius … and we’ve taken all the mystery out of this process: We’ve identify the top 21 “non-law” jobs you should consider pursuing, and have listed out another 100+ jobs and job types for you to explore
  • Find and meet people who have those jobs that align with your Unique Genius
  • Research what they do and ask for more people to speak with  

At the end of Module 5, you will have a plan that will enable you to speak to as many people as you can, in person (say over coffee) for a good amount of time (at least thirty minutes) with a warm lead (through someone you know) with someone who is qualified (they are in a field or have some connection to a field that you think would be a good fit with your Unique Genius).  

And we’ve heard from current Program Members that not only was finding an “alternative” job important, but so too was a higher level exploration of your life purpose … of why you are on this planet.  

So we added recently 5 more modules (6 through 10) to help you find this meaning.  

Modules 6 and 7 and 8: “How To Attain Your Ideal Life”  

We all know that change can be hard for us, and all you need to know from the get-go is that it is just a belief system ... a belief system that can be easily let go of.  

Get this ... Life can be easy. Yes, it's true. You just have to do some "inner" work on the beliefs and foundations that aren't necessarily serving your best interests. That's what we help you with in these modules.  

We also provide you with tips, strategies and hacks to help you bring this to life.  

Module 9: Getting More Done in Less Time  

In this Module, we teach you how to get more done in A LOT less time … which can provide you with much more free time to not be working (and being with your family, taking time with yourself, starting your own business ... you name it).  

We've created a full set of videos to leverage all of our research and learning to supercharge your ability to do more than ever, with a lot less stress!  

Module 10: How to Get and Remain in the Flow  

In this Module, we round out all of this "life purpose" teaching by sharing with you some tips on how to create lasting change in your life. 

Specifically, in this Module you will learn:  

  • How we create habits from our beliefs systems and how they run your life
  • How to begin to change your bad habits into good ones
  • How fear influences your decisions and how yu can turn off the fear and ego mind
  • How you can begin to only focus on where you want to be in life ... instead of the opposite;
  • Wrapping all the 10 steps and 10 modules up for you to live your ideal life!  

And There is Much More Included ...

In addition to the Module lesson materials, the Program also contains:  

The Top Non-Law Jobs to Pursue  

  • To make this process easier for you, we have identified the top 21 “non-law” jobs that are a fit for a lawyer’s Unique Genius. We’ve taken out all of the mystery of the jobs you should start to explore.  

More And More “Alternative” Jobs to Pursue  

  • And if you need more detail and nuance to help you focus your job search, we've blown out the above “top 21 non-law jobs” list to surface for you over 100 nuanced, very-specific and niche-focused careers, jobs and job areas that are easily organized for your review.  

Resume Portfolio  

  • And oh yeah … let me tell you about the resumes: Once you have jobs to target, our in-house resume and cover letter maven (and former BigLaw attorney herself) has designed a portfolio of custom Resume templates for each of the top 21 "non-law" jobs. These are Word docs you can download right now and begin personalizing.  

Hear from a BigLaw attorney who is using our resumes right now:

"These resumes are so helpful! So many hours saved by having these to start from as a base.”  

Cover Letters  

  • And we have a highly detailed Cover Letter template for you to begin using, right now. We've spent a lot of time doing the heavy lifting (so you don’t have to) and to empower you to be able to take these templates and complete your resume and cover letter on your own. And we held a Live Training on this topic to provide you with further hand holding.  

Curated Job Listings Sent Out  

  • To help you identify real life jobs, we curate and send out new jobs which may be a fit for you, exclusively for Leave Law Behind Program Members.  

Resume Whisperer Services  

  • If you'd like a second pair of eyes on your resume or LinkedIn profile to get it in the best shape possible to go out and get the job you want, or you want a brand new resume or cover letter crafted for you if you don't have the time to do so yourself, our Resume and Cover Letter Maven (and former Big Law attorney) Carly Steinbaum can be hired for a very reasonable per hour or project price. 

And as Always, On Demand One-to-One Strategic Coaching with Adam and Casey ($500 per hour)

  • And if you ever need to speak with Casey or Adam directly, you can always easily hire us on a per hour basis.  

Who We’ve Helped to Leave the Law

And Leave Law Behind has helped so many others just like you:

  • We've helped the 40+ year old mother of two leave her government attorney role and become the director of Operations at a technology company.
  • We've helped the 12 year, unhappy BigLaw attorney leave his litigation job and become the editor and team leader of an intellectual property periodical.
  • We've helped the Big Law corporate transactional attorney leave the law to follow his passion as an executive director of a Washington DC non profit.
  • We've helped the Big Law litigator become VP of Operations for a Legal Tech startup.
  • We've helped the solo attorneys who love people become legal recruiters.
  • We've helped the contract attorney move into hi-tech as a project manager at a SaaS marketing start up  

… and many, many more.

And the following has to be one of my favorite emails from a Leave Law Behind Member who successfully left practicing law :)


I just wanted to send you an email to let you know that my efforts, the course, and your encouragement have paid off. Today is my last day at my law firm. On Monday, I'll be starting a new job as an insurance adjuster.  

I want to thank you for all of the help that you have given me during the process of transitioning out of the law. Your course and your encouragement have been valuable assets in making this happen. Meeting you in person back in December really lit a fire under me to find something new. I just can't thank you enough!  

I'm really excited to embark on a new chapter in my life, and you really helped me to see that there was a way forward for me. I just wanted to share my success with you. Thanks!"

What Would You Pay To Gain Access To This Step-by-Step Program On How To Leave Your Practice and Find Your Dream Career?

You may be wondering if you should pay to have access to such a powerful, step-by-step guide, hours of detailed videos and live instruction. And granted, similar coaching can cost an arm and a leg.

If you were to sign up with a career coach who specializes on attorneys looking to leave the law, it might cost you from $10,000 to $15,000 - I know, because I've spoken with and personally know these coaches. And my personal one-to-one coaching can cost over $5,000. And some resume experts alone charge close to $1,000 … just to write you a new resume!

Because this Program contains a comprehensive tutorial of what it takes to leave your legal practice and land a new, “non-law” career, there are literally hundreds of hours worth of knowledge contained within each module.

I feel comfortable saying that this Program is worth multiple thousands of dollars – how to overcome your core fears, how to release your need to identify professionally as an attorney, how to plan your finances better how to understand what you’re good at and how these skills can be transferable to non-law jobs, how to network and create opportunities – these ideas are worth $15,000 or more in my mind.

If I were to charge you by the hour for every hour recorded in the Program then the cost would be ridiculously high.

The truth is that I want to make this Program available to as many people as possible and to help leave the law and live your ideal life in the fastest and easiest way possible. 

Seriously, leaving the law and pursuing my passions and ideal life has made such a meaningful and powerful difference in my life that I want other people to have the same feeling of success and independence fulfillment.

Your dream of a new life becomes a reality if you put into play what you can learn from the Leave Law Behind Program. Commit yourself to this Program and in just a few weeks or months, if you actually do the work, you’ll see the momentum and confidence and courage grow within you and you will really begin leaving the law.

If you create a new reality for yourself, that would be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to you. I’m only asking you to invest a mere fraction of that to change your life. 

Start this Program, actually do the exercises, and you will see your life change. I know this is a life-changing, transformative Program. If you put what we say here in practice, you will transform your life. I’ve helped many others just like you using these ideas.

So Here's the Deal

For the committed student, who is serious about leaving the law, I am offering the full Program, with everything listed above, for $1,997.

You can pay in 8 monthly installments, of $250 each.

And to incentivize you to get started, I'll give you a 25% discount if you pay in full now. Only $1497 to get started right now.

At $1497, this is less than the cost of three hours of my private consulting and you’ll likely make the money back in a hurry once you successfully leave the law for your dream job. 

And the beauty is you have lifetime access to this Program, and can take it over and over again and review the material repeatedly as you’d like at your own pace.

Here is what you get:

  • Lifetime membership to the Leave Law Behind Program
  • Lifetime access to over 40 in-depth video tutorials (over 20 hours and counting …)
  • Lifetime access to weekly Live Trainings and Office Hours and online webinars
  • Lifetime access to our exclusive members forum (where you can connect with me, my team LLB grads, and other members just like you to network, share ideas, and help each other)
  • Lifetime access to interviews and webinars with career transition leaders, experts and Leave Law Behind graduates
  • Detailed “non-law” job Resume and Cover letters for you to personalize and begin using
  • Spreadsheets to help you with financial planning and job/skills matching
  • Worksheets to apply what you’ve learned
  •  And the complete money-back-guarantee  


  • Save $500
  • Lifetime Access to Everything
  • Instant Access to the Program
  • Lifetime Access to the Live Trainings and Office Hours
  • Exclusive Community Access
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee  



SPREAD IT OUT - 8 Payments of $250 per month

  • Lifetime Access to Everything
  • Instant Access to the Program
  • Lifetime Access to the Live Trainings and Office Hours
  • Exclusive Community Access
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee  



Most Importantly … Does the Leave Law Behind Program Really Work?

To date, there are over 132 students in the Program, and the number of unhappy attorneys leaving their practice behind for their dream careers continues to grow.  

Hear how Leave Law Behind works in their own words.

Casey’s methodical program is designed to help his students navigate through the difficult, yet fulfilling process of changing career trajectories in a pace that suits their unique life situation. I started coaching from Casey roughly one year after I first contacted him and wholeheartedly believe it was one of the best career decisions of my life. 

His passion for his work and genuine concern for his students motivated me to engage his coaching services. He was not another slick "life coach" with a crafty scheme to separate me from my hard earned money. Casey's methodical program is designed to help his students navigate through the difficult, yet fulfilling process of changing career trajectories in a pace that suits their unique life situation. Even if a career change is not your goal or end result, any ambitious professional seeking "something more" in a different career or simply seeking career advancement in their current field will undoubtedly benefit from Casey's coaching.  

He is highly intelligent, knowledgeable, kind, passionate and most importantly - dedicated to changing the lives of his students in a meaningful way. I cannot recommend his program enough and will be forever indebted to him for the invaluable service he provided.”  

Coaching Client Commercial Litigator Los Angeles, California

And also hear From Gabe Rothman, a Leave Law Behind client who successfully left construction litigation to become a leading technical systems architect in the San Francisco technology community (it's only 4 minutes long).  

Buy With Confidence. Full 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

There’s no need to say “Yes” right now. Just say “Maybe” and give the Leave Law Behind Program a try.  

I know, we lawyers are risk averse ... very risk averse!  

That's why we've decided to put as much of the risk on us!  

If within the first 30 days, you feel you're not getting the results you expect, or you just feel the community is not for you, you can get your money back, no questions asked.  


  • Save $500
  • Lifetime Access to Everything
  • Instant Access to the Program
  • Lifetime Access to the Live Trainings and Office Hours
  • Exclusive Community Access
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee  


SPREAD IT OUT - 8 Payments of $250 per month

  • Lifetime Access to Everything
  • Instant Access to the Program
  • Lifetime Access to the Live Trainings and Office Hours
  • Exclusive Community Access
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee  


The Longer You Wait, The Longer You Are Putting Your Dream Life and Happiness On Hold

You now have a decision to make. Right now, you have 3 options.

Your first option is simply to do “nothing”. You can stick with the status quo and drag yourself to your lawyer work each and every day trading your time for billable hours and representing clients you don’t really care about, all the while slaving away for someone else’s (firm, boss, partners, etc.) benefit. You’ll constantly wonder whether you could have made it in a “non-law” job if you just gave it a shot.

The second option is to try and figure everything out yourself. This can take you down a tortuous road of frustration and embarrassment as you try to fumble your way through all of the contradictory material on the net and that you’ll hear from others around you. Countless of your hours will be wasted as a result.

The third option is reserving your spot today by signing up for the Leave Law Behind Program for a small 1-time payment of $1,497 … and learning right away how to leave your legal practice for your dream career. You already know this is the most logical choice for you!  

You’ll be able to design your ideal career and life from the ground up knowing that you always have someone (me and my team) there for you to help you and to answer your questions.

You’ll have the ability to finally perform the job you love without having to bill 2,000+ hours a year. 

So give the Leave Law Behind Program a try … Today!. Waiting any longer will only waste more of your time, waste more of your money and cause you more frustration.

And if for any reason the Program doesn’t work for you, you’re backed by our 30-day, 100%, money back guarantee.  

Your Questions Answered

1. What if I’m scared it won’t work out?  

I get it. As lawyers, we are risk averse.  

But here’s the thing: You literally have nothing to lose and a new life to gain.  

You see, I’m not going to tell you to quit your job tomorrow in pursuit of your dreams, forget everything you learned in law school and go back to the drawing board. Quite the opposite.  

The Leave Law Behind Program is about taking everything you already know and transitioning those skills into a job you love (that still pays what you need).

You’re not giving up your income to go chase a crazy dream. I’m going to be walking you through a proven 5-step process, and you can complete each step in your spare time. And I'm with you each step of the way through the Live Training or Strategic Coaching until you land that non-law, alternative job.

Besides that, I’ve already shown you proof that this Program works for all kinds of lawyers in all stages of life. This is your chance to say no more to Sunday night anxiety… doing work you don’t feel good about… appeasing the ego but feeling empty inside.

This is your chance to finally get the roadmap you need to design your dream life and finally create the freedom and fulfillment you deserve.  

2. What if a case or deal or other work takes up all my time and I have to take a break from studying?

Well, the beauty of Leave Law Behind Program is that it’s fully accessible from anywhere at anytime, and you can do it at your own pace.  

Simply log in and resume from where you last left off. All Live Trainings, webinars and Q&A sessions are recorded for you to access at any time.  

And when you sign up for the Leave Law Behind Program, you have access to me, Casey through the Live Trainings. I'm with you each step of the way, until you land that non-law, alternative job.  

3. How much time will I need to invest?  

This program has been created to transform your life, not take it over. After all, I know you’re swamped with work as it is. The last thing you need is more of it.

Instead, think of this as a fun outlet. Something you can complete at your own pace, on your own time - in front of your computer or listening while you’re jogging or on your morning commute. 

This isn’t designed to be work. It’s not intended to be like school. This is your chance to dream again. And when you’re dreaming, time flies. 

As you gain momentum through the skills and exercises in this Program, new opportunities will open up, you’ll start to move forward automagically, and you’ll gain newfound confidence. 

Make no mistake. The Leave Law Behind Program requires focus and dedication. But it doesn’t take a ton of time. If you commit to a few quality minutes a day or weekends or when you get home from work at night, this Program will empower you to shift your way of thinking and leave the law.  

4. What if I can’t afford the Leave Law Behind Program?  

I know a lot of lawyers get out law school with a mountain of debt. They feel they need their job to pay off their education. But the truth is, the Leave Law Behind Program can help you get into a non-law alternative job where you’re still leveraging the same skills you went to law school for, and you’re still getting paid good money. 

If you’re unsure whether or not you can afford the cost of the Program , let me just remind you that you won’t be instructed to leave your steady paycheck right now. This Program is designed to set you up for long-term success in a job you love, that fills you with joy and aligns with your soul purpose.

So what I want you to do is to think about this as an investment in your present and future success and happiness. If you keep doing things the way you are now, you’ll keep getting the same results and the same feelings of dissatisfaction.

5. Can you remind me of everything I get in the full Program?

Of course :) When you sign up for the full Leave Law Behind program, you’ll get access to:

  • Lifetime membership to the Program
  • Lifetime access to over 40 in-depth video tutorials (over 20 hours and counting …)
  • Lifetime access to weekly Live Trainings and Office Hours and online webinars
  • Lifetime access to our exclusive members forums (where you can connect with me, my team and other members just like you to network, share ideas, and help each other)
  • Lifetime access to interviews and webinars with career transition leaders, experts and Leave Law Behind graduates
  • Detailed “non-law” job Resume and Cover letters for you to personalize and begin using
  • Spreadsheets to help you with financial planning and job/skills matching
  • Worksheets to apply what you’ve learned
  • The complete money-back-guarantee 

6. Is it really risk free? 

We've taken out as much of the risk as possible. 

If for whatever reason Leave Law Behind Program does not satisfy you in any way, simply cancel your account online within the first 30 days from purchase and I’ll gladly give you back all of your money.

7. Will I be guaranteed to leave the law?  

I can’t promise you specific results for your career change in a specific timeframe. Nobody can. And I’m not sure I’d trust anyone who does make this type of promise.  

We all start this process at different stages, with different mindsets and different levels of energy and desire. If you’re disciplined, methodical, and follow the baby steps we’ve laid out, you will likely see results.

The World Needs You As Your “Ideal Self”

Finally, I want to tell you this - the world needs you.  

The world needs what you can provide. The world needs you at your best. The world needs you at your most confident. The world needs you at your happiest.  

I'm here to help you. Now it's up to you, to decided that you finally want to take the steps to realize your full potential, to be in a job that aligns with you, to make more money, to help more people, to be more happy.  

I look forward to getting to know you better and to working together!  

To your success, Casey Berman