Feeling Stuck Practicing Law?

But you're afraid you don’t know how to leave? 

Yeah, I know how it feels … I’ve been there too. I left my law practice, and now I can show you how to do the same for yourself. 

Let’s jump on a quick call and let me assist you in moving forward on your path out of the law. 

Complete the Easy 3 Steps Below to Sign Up For a Consult Call with Casey Berman, Founder of Leave Law Behind 


First, please watch the below short introductory video for more information about our call and what to expect


Second, in order to qualify for this call, please read below and make sure you meet all of the criteria.

  • You have practiced law and now want to leave your practice
  • Your spouse/partner knows about your desire to make this change
  • You want to explore landing a "non-law" alternative job or starting your own business law 
  • You are serious and genuinely excited about making this positive, life change 
  • You have watched or will soon watch all four "Overcoming the Fear of Leaving the Law" videos (link is below)

If you can answer yes to all of the above, then click below to apply for the call


And third, prior to our call, please watch the 4-part video series we put together that discusses the fears that may be blocking you from leaving the law

We look forward to speaking with you!