Do you hate being an attorney?
Are you unhappy practicing law?
Do you think about how you can leave?

I'm Casey Berman. I graduated the University of California, Hastings College of the Law, in 1999 and then became licensed in California. 

In 2004, I left the law ... for good. 

In 2009, I founded and began writing at Leaving Law Behind. Since then, I have worked with unhappy attorneys to help them leave the law and find fun, inspiring, satisfying and lucrative careers in non-law jobs.

Now I want to help you. 

Click on the below video to discover the steps you can take right now to begin to leave the law.

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This course can help you if you have ever experienced any of these feelings about being a lawyer:

  • Feeling extremely unhappy being a lawyer
  • Feeling your skills and strengths are misplaced in your job as an attorney
  • Wishing you could do something more creative than practice the law
  • Feeling burnt out, underappreciated or all alone
  • Doubting your skills as an attorney and feeling like a "fraud"
  • Hating the billable hour model, and wishing you could make more money
  • Wishing you could add value to the world and help others in a meaningful way
  • Wishing you could actually build something and not be a corporate cog
  • Boredom

"I love every minute of my new career, which truly leverages the talents that I thought would make me successful and satisfied as an attorney -- problem solving, strategy, networking, and team leadership among others."

First and foremost, regardless of his talents as a motivator, speaker, writer, business man and, Casey is an amazing human being. He is the type of person I feel lucky to have met regardless of circumstance and I treasure his friendship.  All of the qualities that make him a great mentor also make him a great friend -- enthusiasm, empathy, intelligence, sense of humor and introspectiveness are just a few.

As a mentor, Casey has been invaluable. Without him I would not have found the boldness and persistence to do the all of the things ultimately required for me to transition out of my litigation career. Casey stayed relentlessly positive while giving me his time and insight well after my work with him during the inaugural Leave Law Behind course had finished -- 3 years in fact. 

After the course I did what alcoholics might refer to as "falling off the wagon."  I lost my resolve and did what got me into this situation in the first place -- I did the "safe" thing and took another litigation job. Casey stuck with me and was there to help me hop back on the wagon when, after almost two years of dissatisfaction in my second litigation stint I was truly ready to Leave the Law and never look back. 
Ten months later, after numerous informational interviews, networking events, coffees, lunches, and a double-digit number of rejections, I landed a job at a consulting firm in San Francisco specializing in sales and marketing technologies.
That was four years and two jobs ago.  I'm now a Director of Sales Operations specializing in systems architecture at the San Francisco based company Lookout. We build software that protects mobile devices from malware and hackers.  I love every minute of my new career, which truly leverages the talents that I thought would make me successful and satisfied as an attorney -- problem solving, strategy, networking, and team leadership among others.

Since changing careers I've yet to fail what I call "The Sunday Night Test," (i.e. how do you feel at 9:00 pm Sunday?). Dread? Fear? Nausea? When I was an attorney -- all of those; every single Sunday night. Now? None of those. Ever.

While I occasionally don't feel like going to work on Monday, it is always with a sense of calm and satisfaction in the knowledge that I have to wake up Monday morning and go to a job I love, even if sometimes I'd rather sitting on the couch with my wife and dogs watching Game of Thrones.

As Casey would say, I've truly found my unique genius and I owe a huge amount of my new-found success and happiness to him.

Gabe Rothman, Former attorney turned Director of Sales Systems (Technology Systems Architect), San Francisco, California   (coaching student)

"Casey's methodical program is designed to help his students navigate through the difficult, yet fulfilling process of changing career trajectories in a pace that suits their unique life situation."

I started coaching from Casey roughly one year after I first contacted him and wholeheartedly believe it was one of the best career decisions of my life.

His passion for his work and genuine concern for his students motivated me to engage his coaching services. He was not another slick "life coach" with a crafty scheme to separate me from my hard earned money. Casey's methodical program is designed to help his students navigate through the difficult, yet fulfilling process of changing career trajectories in a pace that suits their unique life situation. Even if a career change is not your goal or end result, any ambitious professional seeking "something more" in a different career or simply seeking career advancement in their current field will undoubtedly benefit from Casey's coaching.

He is highly intelligent, knowledgeable, kind, passionate and most importantly - dedicated to changing the lives of his students in a meaningful way. I cannot recommend his program enough and will be forever indebted to him for the invaluable service he provided.

Commercial Litigator, Los Angeles, California, (coaching student)

Let's get down to the nitty gritty ...

This course has the exact content and guidance I provide to my Leave Law Behind coaching students ... 

Module 1
Mitigating our Fears of Leaving the Law

Fear of failure and embarrassment and risk and ridicule (and many others) can stop us dead in our tracks before we can even get started leaving the law.

In Module 1,  we explore how to become courageous and creative and forceful in reducing these fears and mitigating them as obstacles.

          - We list out the actual fears that are keeping us from leaving and stare them in the face
          - We discuss 9 actionable ways to reduce the influence and weight these fears have on us
          - We answer some focused questions and do exercises to help us overcome these fears

And once we're done with Module 1, we will have identified the fears keeping us from leaving and we can find ways to make these fears less and less scary


Module 2
Identifying with Something Other Than That of a Lawyer

A major hurdle many of us face in leaving the law involves our identity as a lawyer.  For some of us, we’re so unhappy being a lawyer, or have never felt comfortable calling ourselves a lawyer, that shaping a new professional identity may not be that difficult. 

But for many of us, being a lawyer is the only professional title we have known. We have a lot invested in it and it can be difficult for us to shift and call ourselves anything else.

In Module 2, we explore how to address our identity as a lawyer and how to not let our past life as an attorney and law student undermine our future.

And once we're done with Module 2, we can be in a good position to begin to exorcise the demons our law practice and our time in school may hold over our head, like our need to squeeze out more of a ROI from our law school “investment”, that prevents us from moving forward with positive change in our life.

Module 3
Getting a Handle on Our Money Situation

Before polishing our resume, or looking at potential jobs, or interviewing with a recruiter, or doing anything else, a crucial step in properly leaving the law requires becoming as confident and exact as possible in understanding what we can financially afford (and not afford) to do as we plan to leave the law.

In Module 3, we learn ideas on how to get a handle on our money situation and to become as confident and exact as possible in understanding (i) our expenses, as well as any (ii) safety net and other sources of financial support we can call upon if needed.

When we're done with Module 3, we will be in a good position to face many of the fears we have about money:

          - The fear of the unknown
          - The fear of a lack of financial literacy
          - The fear of student debt
          - The fear of facing our bad spending habits
          - The fear of having the “money talk” with our spouse or partner
          - The fear that we can’t make money in any way other than being an attorney
          - The fear that if we leave our job as an attorney we'll soon be financially ruined

Module 4
Finding Out What We Are Good At
(Exploring Our Unique Genius)

In Module 4, we focus on exploring our Unique Genius - those skills and strengths that come so naturally to us, so effortlessly to us, that we don’t even think of them as a skill.

It is upon these skills that we do so well that we will begin to base our post-lawyer life and career. It is with these strengths at which we excel that we will begin to create a life of confidence and self-worth.

In Module 4, this is where the rubber hits the road. We learn how to:

          - Ask the right questions from our network to truly understand what we excel at
          - Take these skills and strengths and create a compelling personal narrative
          - Utilize this narrative to one day impress hiring managers of jobs we think we're a fit for


Module 5
Getting Out There, Networking
and Creating Opportunities

In Module 5, we learn how to reach out and meet with other people in order to build sincere connections of trust so these people will help us find opportunities that align with our Unique Genius and personal narrative.

In Module 5, we learn how to:

          - Identify jobs that align with our Unique Genius
          - Find and meet people who have those jobs that align with our Unique Genius
          - Research what they do and ask for more people to speak with

At the end of Module 5, we will have a plan that will enable us to speak to as many people as we can, in person (say over coffee) for a good amount of time (at least thirty minutes) with a warm lead (through someone you know) with someone who is qualified (they are in a field or have some connection to a field that you think would be a good fit with your Unique Genius).

Bonus Video #1
Casey's Path to Leaving the Law

In this video, I'll share with you my own personal path to leaving the law.

I'll go back in time to why I even applied to law school, the struggles I had in finding a job, how I landed on my feet as an in-house counsel in a rising technology firm ... and then turned it all down and left.

I'll share the mistakes I made, the successes I had and the insights I've gathered since I left the law in 2004.

Bonus Video #2
Special Guest Adam J. Ouellette
Former Attorney and Founder of Esquire Academy

Adam will share how he was able to leave the law and do so by overcoming limiting beliefs. 

In this hour-plus training bonus you will learn How Your Subconsious Mind rules your life and also How to Identify and Start to Release thoughts and beliefs that aren't serving you. 

Adam is a former real estate attorney (licensed in Florida) who has transitioned out of the law into a successful writing and online marketing career.

"Ever considered leaving the law?  This is the course for you!"

Adam J. Ouellette, Esquire- Author and Founder of Esquire Academy/ Esquire Mastermind Group

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