This testimonial is from Mike Robinson, a former business litigator we helped leave the law to become a writer and content marketer. 

As a fifteen-year litigator transitioning to a new career outside the law, the Leave Law Behind Career Coaching Program has been the perfect fit for me.  

When Casey and I first spoke about leaving he law, I had the faintest of ideas about potential non-law, “alternative” careers. I was hesitant to do anything that was “unknown” to me! As an attorney, and a type A person, I have always wanted to schedule and plan and know what was coming next for me. When I realized I was very unhappy and needed to leave my legal practice, I was hesitant to pursue a “non-law” career that I couldn’t understand and quantify.  

The Leave Law Behind Program helped me identify, unpack and overcome this “fear of the unknown”. Being former attorneys themselves, Casey and his team felt my pain as an unhappy attorney.  

Having left the law themselves, they have crafted the exact right set of steps to make this transition, that just aligned with me so well. The Program is chock full of tutorials, resources and worksheets that helped me immensely. Casey and his team seem to work day and night to get this all right, and to support me through the process step by step.  

Casey worked with me on my goals and desires to (1) discover the skills and strengths I am truly good at (what we call my “Unique Genius”) that would truly fulfill me to pursue, (2) explore potential careers through research and networking, and (3) seek employment in those careers. The Leave Law Behind Program took me from a frustrated attorney who liked creative writing to a full-fledged legal blogger and content developer, experiencing success in an industry I didn’t even know existed until Casey introduced me to it. I could not be more thankful to have found Casey, and I recommend him to any frustrated attorney seeking a change  



  • We've helped the 40+ year old mother of two leave her government attorney role and become the Director of Operations and Vendor Management at a technology company. 
  • We've helped the 12 year, unhappy BigLaw attorney leave his litigation job and become the editor and team leader of an intellectual property periodical. 
  • We've helped the Big Law corporate transactional attorney leave the law to follow his passion as an executive director of a Washington DC non profit. 
  • We've helped the Big Law litigator become VP of Operations for a Legal Tech startup. 
  • We've helped the solo attorneys who love people become legal recruiters. 
  • We've helped the contract attorney move into hi-tech as a project manager at a SaaS marketing start up. 
  • We've helped the mid-size firm litigator move into her dream library science job