You have not fallen behind

It won’t take long for you to scan those around you and feel you are in what seems like last place.  Some lawyers you know are partners already, some are in-house at awesome tech companies, some have phat houses, some have so much in their retirement fund, some have established their own firm already, some have more and more and more . . .

We think of our age and marvel at how old we are.  We sigh and get down and we ask “Is this it?”

The answer is “Yes”.

But let’s change the tenor and shift that question into a bold declarative statement: “This is it!”  You are looking at it, your life, no one else’s.  And while we may wish we made changes or did things differently 5, 10, 15 years ago, it won’t help to think that way.  Let’s act now.

But that’s easier said than done.  There is not much more stressful than that lingering feeling that we are not living up to our full potential.  That we are making some money doing something we just don’t like or don’t feel good at.  And we often need to act when we most want to resist it. 

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Pulling up my anchor

A favorite blog of mine is the The Minimalists.  Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus are both former professionals who left the corporate track and now write about how to do and strive for more in life by buying and wanting less.  In their post from this week, they talk of how being anchored is a truism that may not make much sense any longer for many of us:  “An anchor is the thing that keeps a ship at bay, planted in the harbor, stuck in one place, unable to explore the freedom of the sea. Perhaps we were anchored—we knew we weren’t happy with our lives—and perhaps being anchored wasn’t necessarily a good thing.”

Going through college and law school, I often aspired to being “anchored”.  It was considered a compliment.  It meant that I had my head on straight and that I was focused on the right path, that I wouldn’t stray.  To take it further, it meant that an education and profession based in the field of law would lead to success.

I’m realizing that many of my individual needs and motives as well society’s expectations that originally anchored me in the career of law now do not really have my personal happiness,

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Leave Law Behind was featured on the front page of Untemplater

Leave Law Behind!  An Interview With Casey Berman

I recently had drinks with San Francisco native Casey Berman who is the founder of Leave Law Behind, a consulting practice that helps lawyers who are sick and tired of the industry break away and start their own businesses.  Now how cool is that –  fewer lawyers and more entrepreneurs…brilliant!

I never understood why so many people can’t stand lawyers until I had to hire one myself.  Talk about getting ripped off.  I think it’s fantastic that Casey found his calling away from law and is now doing so many more fulfilling and exciting things.  And now on to our interview!

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