In San Francisco on December 4th?

What I have heard a lot from clients, readers and members of our community was the need for a live, in-person event.

A safe place for us to gather together, be with like minded people, learn how to leave the law, and hear stories and tips directly from people who have successfully done just that.

And just like you have fears that prevent you from moving forward and leaving the law … I guess I had a fear or a blocker or … something standing in my way. Every time I would think of planning a live Leave Law Behind event, some invisible boogeyman or insecurity or fear would get in my way.

And so I never planned anything.

No more. I’ve broken free of this fear.

In a few weeks, on Monday December 4th 2017 from 6p to 8p, I’ll be hosting my inaugural Leave Law Behind live event in downtown San Francisco at the historic Shelton Theater.

If you’re in the Bay Area, or you will be, I would encourage you to attend.

I will be coaching you in person how to leave the law.

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Why I really want you to come on October 2nd to Bloomingdale’s

Because this is the start of something big.

But it’s just a start.  A small start.  As I may have mentioned before, I am a proponent of taking baby steps.  I learned this from Aaron Ross, a good friend of mine and founder of Predictable Revenue.  When I was beginning Leave Law Behind back in 2009, I would always ask “How will I make money off of this leave law idea?” and “How do I market this?” and “Why am I doing this anyway?” and “Will everyone laugh at me?”  And Aaron would always say, “Don’t worry about making money.  Don’t think about what might go wrong.  There are people who want to hear what you have to say.  Don’t worry about the ‘how’.  Just take the next baby step.”

He meant to not be overwhelmed by all that was running through my head (good and not-so-good).  He meant to begin by sharing this quirky idea with family and friends.  He meant to go (mostly) with my gut.  He meant to follow with what interested me (leaving the law, how to use technology productively) and what I enjoyed (writing, public speaking, meeting people). 

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Who you will meet on October 2nd

The Leave Law Behind live event is happening at 6pm on October 2nd in downtown San Francisco (location to be announced soon).  Sign up here to attend for free.

Come to this event if you are sick and tired of feeling dissatisfied with your current work.

Come to this event if you need to find someone to help mentor you, to inspire you, to partner with you.

Come to this event if you need a first step, a baby step to leave law behind.

Come to this event if you want to meet real live lawyers who have left the law behind:

– A construction litigator who now does IT and consulting

– An attorney who left the firm and now manages her small practice AND in-house duties for a tech company

– An in-house attorney who just returned from a three month leave of absence

– A foreign attorney who moved to the US and now does business development for a private exchange

. . . and more . . .

Fear (and other reasons) prevent us from leaving the law. 

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Register now for the Tuesday October 2nd Leave Law Behind Event

Hi Everyone

Thanks for all of your emails about the upcoming LIVE in person Leave Law Behind event on October 2.  You can now sign up by clicking here.

The event will begin at 6pm, and I’ll get back to you shortly with the location details.  But it will be in downtown San Francisco

The goal of the event is simple:  Give our passionate community the chance to connect in person, share stories, inspire each other and become accountable for doing the great things that are most important to us.  To do the great things only we can accomplish.

There will be a short introduction from myself, other great speakers and a lot of time to network and be inspired.

The actual location of the event will be announced soon, but please mark the time from 6pm to 9pm on Tuesday October 2nd in your calendars.  Click here to sign up.

And be sure to reserve a ticket early since we can only accommodate a limited number of attendees.  Also, since there are limited spaces,

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