Get rid of that Sunday night anxiety once and for all

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It’s Sunday and for many of us, the weekend is slowly winding down.  We often can’t enjoy the rest of Glorious Sunday because we know that Normal Monday (and our job or commute or routine or boss we may not really enjoy) is fast approaching.

Taking a first step to leave the law creates momentum, confidence and provides a new outlook on your life.  It also makes Monday look not so ominous.  This is just what I talked about this past week in a live interview with Vibrance Radio.  In the thirty minute interview, host Caroline Meyer and I discussed the five, achievable steps to leaving law behind, that the distinct legal skills and inherent talents you have right now are likely very transferable into another role or job, and why you should plan your next career move in part on whether or not you want to wear jeans to work.

Click here to listen to the interview and feel free to read Caroline’s summary notes of the interview here (which are also pasted in full below).

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Leave Law Behind was featured in Vibrance Radio interview

Leaving Law Behind – Leaving When the Investment is High

This week I spoke with Casey Berman of Leave Law Behind, a blog and community which helps disgruntled or unsatisfied attorneys leave law altogether or change the way they currently practice. While Casey works with ex or wannabe ex lawyers and professionals, much of what he spoke about could apply to anybody with any type of experience looking to make a complete career change or change the context in which they currently work.

Read and listen to more at Vibrance Radio.


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A valuable lesson from last week’s Leave Law Behind event

Last week, we had a great Leave Law Behind event, and I want to sincerely thank everyone who made it.  The event was hugely inspiring for me personally, and I promise it will be the first of many engaging, fun, interesting and productive live events to help our community grow, get to know each other and assist each other in exploring and finding meaningful professional pursuits, within the law and out of it.  I will soon be posting the presentation online for everyone to review and comment on.

We spoke a lot about our Unique Genius – what this really means, how it helps in leaving the law, and some ideas on how to really explore what it is, for each of us.  As you likely know, one tenet of Leave Law Behind is to identify your strengths and skill sets that you are so good at, that come so naturally to you, and use these as a foundation for exploring opportunities and channels to leave the law.  In other words, be conscious of incorporating into your job those skills that you are good at, that you are strong at, and that are in alignment with what you enjoy. 

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