The likely reason you haven’t left your law practice yet

 December 13, 2017

By  Casey Berman

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Many of you are using the Leave Law Behind Coaching Program to empower yourself to overcome your fears of leaving your practice and to find that “non-lawâ€, alternative job and change your life.

You seriously want to leave the law. You feel very out-of-sorts and not right as an attorney. You want to achieve a life of alignment and purpose and confidence and happiness.

Happiness is a result of the process

Those of you using the Program want, in large part, to be happy. And as we work together, you are beginning to realize what “happiness” really means, and that, as author Mark Manson (who I’m reading a lot of now) says, happiness is the process of becoming your ideal self.

But becoming who you really, really, really should be is not always seamless. It’s not always guaranteed. It’s not always perfect.

But it is meaningful. It is thoughtful. It is growth. It is development. It is sincere. It is authentic. It is strength. It is what you are here to do.

And this growth and satisfaction happens to you when you begin to have faith in yourself and take real substantial steps to leave the law, a profession you know you don’t want to be a part of any longer.

Pleasure does not equal happiness

And then there are other regular readers who do not act to move forward and change.

Those of you who have not acted yet still feel really badly as an attorney. You hate the anxiety and boredom and repetition and isolation and stress of being a lawyer. All of this makes you feel not good.

And your first instinct is to want to feel good and to numb this pain you feel as an attorney. You want to experience pleasure and not face the deeply held fears keeping you from leaving the law.

There are many ways to feel good. Feeling good is what we feel after we eat a good meal, or breathe in fresh air or after we receive a sincere compliment from someone.

But feeling good doesn’t mean we’re happy. Or in the zone. Or motivated. Or bold. Or ready to make a difference.

I’m suggesting something different than equating feeling good with happiness.

Making your fears small and overcome-able

We’re here to identify the fears that stand in the way of you leaving the law, and reducing their severity, so you can get through this fear no matter what, and find purpose and meaning in your life.

When you leave the law and land that “non-law†job that you are confident in, that enables you to help others, you can become happy … not necessarily because it feels good to work in this new job, but because you also now are strong enough to work through and embrace the fear and stress and pain it takes to become who you truly need to be.

I have felt all of the same fears you are feeling right now. Schedule a free time to speak with me about the Leave Law Behind coaching program and how it can empower you to overcome these fears and change.

And if you are ready to take an easy, risk free step right now, sign up for the course for a trial period (scroll down to the bottom).

To paraphrase the famous quote, the best time to change yourself for the better was a year ago. The second best time is now.

Ready to take BACK Control of Your Life?

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