Anxiety and stress will always be with you … and why that really isn’t such a big deal

 September 27, 2013

By  Casey Berman

One of the main reasons we want to leave the law behind is to escape the stress of begin a lawyer. The worry of meeting the court filing deadlines. The pressure of being up-to-date on the pertinent law and regulations. Having our client’s fate rest in our hands. The low chances of growing within the firm. The anxiety of bringing in new clients. The hassle of having to work weekends and nights. The difficulty in making really good money. The fear that we don’t really know what we are doing.

Leaving the law behind and moving onto something else holds the promise that most of these pressures will become a thing of the past.

Well, not really.

Even if you properly leave the law, and plan your finances, and get over your need to identify as a lawyer and explore your Unique Genius and face those lingering fears and begin to network and meet with the right people … even if you do all of this, and even if you land THAT AWESOME JOB that is in alignment with your Unique Genius … pressures, and stress, and anxieties and hassles and difficulties will still linger and follow you wherever you are.

At THAT AWESOME JOB, there are presentations to make. Projects to manage. Compliance requirements to meet. Important emails to write. Money to be handled. Long term visions to be created. Politics to navigate. People to win over. Excel sheets to be produced. New technologies to be learned. Deals to be closed.

And in THAT AWESOME JOB, some of the above makes you very nervous, and anxious and stresses you out and makes you lose sleep.

But the good news is that the context is different. When you do a lot of the hard work up front and have identified that role that is in alignment with your Unique Genius, this type of anxiety then is stunted by your growing sense of confidence. This stress is mitigated by your strong sense of self-purpose. This tension is efficiently managed by a keen sense that you know what you are doing. This worry is lessened by a robust financial and emotional motivation to improve and keep moving forward. The hope and faith in the future overrides the present stress.

Leaving law, then, is not really about leaving behind stress. Rather, it’s about gaining such a self-confidence and self-purpose that stress becomes less and less of a distraction.

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