Course Survey

Thank you so much for your time and feedback, I really appreciate it.

As a first step, please read the following short description about the Leave Law Behind course I’m building.

  • I’m in the midst of of creating an online course that will empower unhappy lawyers to leave the law. The do-it-yourself course will consist of multiple modules, which includes videos, audio recordings, downloadable worksheets and other exercises and tips to teach step by step how to leave the law.
  • The course modules will cover the following area:
    1. getting a handle on our Money situation
    2. learning how to Identify with with professions other than as an attorney
    3. identifying and exploring our Unique Genius
    4. facing and mitigation the consistent Fears of leaving the law
    5. Getting Out There to network and create opportunities
  • As a bonus for purchasing my course, users will provide a community group (like a Facebook group) where students can interact with each other and me and share ideas, questions and inspirations.
  • Students will pay a one time, up front fee to access the course. They material can be viewed or listened to on any device.

For step two, please answer the following short survey questions:

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Ready to Take Back Control of Your Life from the Law?

Are you feeling stuck, dreaming of a way out of the misery? At Leave Law Behind, we specialize in helping lawyers like you find fulfilling "non-law" careers that reignite your passion and restore balance to your life. Click below to visit our home page and gain free access to our Resource Library, a life changing collection of videos, tips and inspirations specifically designed to help you explore and consider your path out of the law. All for free!