Do you feel that you can’t trust the process?

 June 18, 2018

By  Casey Berman

Many of us hesitate to leave the law because we feel we do not have an ironclad guarantee it’ll work. So we remain stuck as an unhappy attorney in a law job that makes us feel miserable.

In other words, we trust in the process that we can leave the law once we see that it’s certain we can leave the law.

But that isn’t how life works.

We know that. Guarantees only becomes obvious in hindsight. As Steve Jobs said, “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.â€

I know, I know … I know what you’re thinking.

“Trust?†you say, “Casey, I’m a lawyer. And I know Steve Jobs was a great business person, and sure, I admire him, and I put weight in his words … but still, I don’t dabble in trust or faith. I’m about evidence and what can be proven and what can be made certain and what can be guaranteed, or at least come real close to it.â€

But I beg to differ. There are actually plenty of things you trust and have faith in, many without even actively thinking about.

At a broad level, you have trust that the earth will rotate and the sun will come about the next day, without any effort on your part.

You have faith that there will always be oxygen for you to breathe.

You have faith that a wild carnivore will not stalk you and chase you and eat you when you walk out your front door onto the street.

And even more specifically, in our developed world, you trust that there will be hot water in the morning.

You trust that your car will start.

You trust that the internet will be on.

You trust that you’ll have cell phone reception.

You trust that your toilet will flush.

You trust that your refrigerator will keep your perishable food cold and that your garbage will be picked up.

You trust that your neighborhood emergency room or urgent care clinic will take care of you when you break that foot of yours.

And you likely have little to no idea how any of these daily functions you trust to happen actually work.

And the same goes for leaving the law. There is a proven process to leave the law. We write about it weekly here.

We’ve shown you the real life stories of people who have had this trust and followed the process and who have left the law for “non-law†jobs that align with their skills and strengths.

You may not know right now what dot to connect next in your own professional path. And you may not have a guarantee which dot to connect next is the right one.

But you do know how to trust that it will reveal itself to you soon. You trust things all the time, every day.

Trust yourself today.

The first dot many readers like you connect in order to successfully leave the law is to schedule a Free Consult call with me or my business partner Adam. If you want to, and are ready to, leave the law, I suggest you sign up now for a Free Consult. In next few weeks or month, these Consults will no longer be free.

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