Don’t worry about the “how”

 June 23, 2011

By  Casey Berman

We all have goals and dreams.  Short term (win the motion) and long term (become financially independent).

However, when you are only focused on the specifics of “how” these goals and dreams will come about, you can lose focus on the ultimate desired result.  When these goals don’t happen exactly as we had planned or in the time frame we had scheduled or with the people we now know, this makes us anxious.  We get bummed out.  We re-think our plan.  We doubt.  We second guess.  We lose concentration, motivation.  We get bogged down.

To leave the law, don’t worry if the next baby step you take is going to bear tangible fruits.  Don’t be on the constant lookout for immediate results.  You will get to where you want to get – it may be through an alternate channel or on a different schedule or with the help of someone you have yet to meet.  And over this time, this goal may change and ultimately look completely different than you had originally envisioned. 

When you don’t worry about the details of the “how”, you get to focus on living the dream.  And that’s oftentimes more fun anyway.

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