How I found what I’m good at

 November 23, 2016

By  Casey Berman

I shot this short video for you (it’s less than 5 minutes long) describing how I found what I’m good at and my Unique Genius is in alignment with the new podcast I’m launching (click here to sign up for free) …

… and if you prefer reading, I jotted below some of the points I talk about in the video.





As you may know, one of the most important parts of leaving the law behind is exploring our Unique Genius. And I put together this blog post to tell you a story of how I’ve continued to find out what I’m good at … what skills and strengths I excel at and enjoy doing.

In the past, we have gone to school and looked for jobs and planned a career based on criteria not necessarily in alignment with who each of us really are as a person. Our consideration in large part might have focused on money or security or stability or because our parents told us to or something else.

As such, that is a main reason why we are so unhappy as attorneys – we’re doing jobs that oftentimes call for skills and that we’re just not that good at.

Our Unique Genius are those skills and strengths and qualities that are unique to us. Others may have them, but they are the things that come naturally to us, that we’re confident in. And when we find a job that calls for these skills and strengths, that’s a real recipe for happiness, motivation and confidence.



My Unique Genius is something I continue to work on, and it has driven the new project I have launched, which is the podcast Love or Leave the Law (www.loveorleavepodcast.com), which I’ve begun with Adam Ouellette, a former attorney, fellow leave Law Behind community member and my good friend. I hope you sign up.

In the podcast, we’ll talk about what’s great about practicing the law, what sucks about practicing the law, how to create a great new practice, and also how to leave the law.

And this podcast is a real result of me working on my Unique Genius. I like and am good at talking. But as I’ve gotten to know myself better and done work on my Unique Genius, I realize that I am also good at adding value by motivating and teaching and giving people confidence.

Someone told me this. In 2009, when I spoke at an “alternative careers†event at my alma mater University of California, Hastings College of the Law, the career services head Sari Zimmerman observed that my Unique Genius was my ability to give people the courage to take the next step. I was flattered and honored by her comment, and it has driven me to create Leave Law Behind and now Love or Leave the Law.

This idea has helped me shape and refine and evolve my own Unique Genius.

And as we all explore our own Unique Genius, let’s challenge ourselves to unpack and dimensionalize and make it as real as possible. Let’s see where we can add value. Let’s see where we can help. Let’s see where we can be of service.

Sari’s telling me that I give people the courage to take the next step actually made me feel confident, and has driven most, if not all, of the work I’ve done since then.

I hope this story of how I’ve synthesized and evolved my own Unique Genius is helpful. Please check out the new podcast, we have short 5 minute episodes and longer 20 minute ones. You can listen and be inspired from anywhere!

And if you have any questions or just want to say hi, reply to this email or send me a note at [email protected]. I read and reply to all my emails.


And I’m on a mission to help attorneys get to themselves better so they can leave the law to become happier, and here’s what I’m doing to help:

Sign up for the free podcast I just launched “Love or Leave the Law” with fellow Leave Law Behind reader, former attorney and published author, Adam Ouellette.

Check out the online course I designed specifically to help you begin to leave the law right now at your own pace.

Or schedule a (no charge) time to speak with me to see if my one-to-one coaching is a fit for you.


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