Why leave law behind

 March 29, 2010

By  Casey Berman

As the title of this blog (and this site and the whole practice) suggests, we’re going to explore and discuss some reasons for, and ways to, leave the law behind.  Leaving certainly means different things for different people:  for some, it can mean leaving the grind altogether, resting on savings to catch one’s breath and then pursuing business and personal activities that more align with your passions and enjoyments.

For others, it can mean leaving certain portions of the law behind that are just not enjoyable or that productive.  Like leaving the firm grind.  Or getting out of (or back into) public service.  Or creating a solo practice with a specific focus . . . which lets you work from a cell phone and laptop (or netbook or iPad!) from anywhere.  Or creating a non legal business that builds on years of experience in the legal field.

Whatever the case may be, we’re going to discuss it here.  We’re going to delve into some issues that need exploring . . . that many attorneys and law students may not have asked themselves.  We’re going to hear from practicing attorneys their thoughts on what they like and don’t like about what they do day to day.  We’re going to explore the technology, tools, mindsets and like-minded communities that exist and prosper nowadays that enable anyone to leave the law behind as they currently know it . . . and live the life one might have wanted since he or she first took the LSAT.

Ready to take BACK Control of Your Life?

Are you feeling stuck in your legal career, dreaming of a way out? At Leave Law Behind, we specialize in helping lawyers like you find fulfilling nonlaw careers that reignite your passion and restore balance to your life.
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