How I have fun with anxiety

 December 28, 2016

By  Casey Berman

I have spent a lot of time during the holidays going to new movies with my two kids. As with many of you, we like to go to movies to have fun, to be distracted, to laugh as we relive the stories later on and to be inspired by how the characters overcome obstacles.

We can use the same idea to help us battle the obstacles many of us face in leaving the law … except this time, we are on stage.

When you envision your life as a movie, with you the hero or heroine and main star and an audience of ticket payers watching your every step and listening to your every line, you allow yourself the excitement and freedom to enjoy every minute of your life, and to find the courage to perform feats most people wouldn’t.

Stuck in traffic commuting?  The audience is watching you look cool with your elbow hanging out the window listening to tunes.

In the middle of a stressful settlement meeting?  The audience is rooting for you and on the edge of its seat to see how you will perform.

Hesitant to make a dramatic life choice?  You’d better begin to make that courageous move (in love, at work or in leaving the law) . . . or they might just get bored and walk out.

Imagine yourself as the main star of the movie that is your life and use the pressure, anxiety and confidence that comes with it to accomplish amazing things.

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