How knowing what you don’t like can help you

 April 25, 2018

By  Casey Berman

A core tenet at Leave Law Behind is exploring and then identifying and then continually refining your Unique Genius – those skills, strengths and enjoyments that you are so good at, that come so naturally to you that you don’t even think of them as special – and then finding “non-law”, alternative jobs and roles and careers and problems that call for your Unique Genius.

In other words, you identify your Unique Genius in order to see how you can best help and add value to the world and which jobs and roles are the best medium and channel to do this.

One of the reasons we are so unhappy as attorneys is because there isn’t a fit between what we do well … and what the job description of an attorney calls for.

But if you’re having trouble identifying what you’re good at, or what you enjoy, sometime it’s easier and a good first step to focus on what you don’t like … and what you don’t do well.

To be able to confidently and sincerely say “don’t like this” or “just kinda like it” or “It’s okay, I guess” or “Yeah, whatever” or “I’m really not that good at that” or “To be honest, I get anxious even thinking about doing that” is very powerful and insightful.

What you don’t like can be your guide to what you actually do excel at.

I am very proud that many people just like you have been able to identify their Unique Genius and leave the law just by reading this blog for free.

But if you think you’ll never get your Unique Genius and will always remain stuck practicing the law, think again.

We created the Leave Law Behind Program specifically for you. Schedule a free call to talk to me and my team directly to learn more about the Program and how we can help you. I sincerely want to hear what it is you don’t like doing, so we can help you find your own Unique Genius.

Go to http://leavelawbehind.com/free-consult2.

Casey Berman

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