How to be famous and successful

 February 22, 2017

By  Casey Berman

This past weekend, my wife, two kids and I let out our collective inner geek and visited the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, in the heart of Silicon Valley.

While the toys in the gift shop elicited the most interest from my daughter and son, the museum exhibits were not far behind.

The museum provides a fascinating history of how, going all the way back to the ancient Chinese and Greeks, humans have thought up new ideas, used new tools, and created new processes to find things out, make life easier, and reduce manual steps.

Think the Abacus to the Antikythera mechanism to IBM punch cards to iPhones.

What really struck me though were the personal stories behind all of these inventions.


They weren’t always famous and successful

Sure, it’s easy for us now to see how useful all of these tools are. And it’s easy for us now to assume as self evident that these technology inventors would be famous. It’s easy for us now to take for granted the ways the technologies they invented have made our lives simpler, easier and more dynamic.

The deeper, and more inspirational, meaning comes to life when you explore the story about why and how these people invented things like text messaging, SMS, crash test dummies, online maps, Photoshop, World of Warcraft, CT scans & MRI’s, Wikis, MP3s …

These people did not begin as inventors. They did not begin as famous. They did not begin with success guaranteed.

Instead, they began as students. As problem solvers. As curious-about-the-world. As people-bored-at-their-day-jobs. As-people-trying-to-help. As people-with-their-backs-against-the-wall-trying-to-make-a-buck. As people-no-different-and-very-much-like-you-and-me.

They had a vision of where they were going. They took baby-step after baby-step, were lucky to find teams and supportive people to partner with, learned from their mistakes, and built momentum and confidence. They embraced the unknown, and did not let their fear of it hold them back.


We unhappy lawyers can do the same thing

We all have something unique to bring to the world. We have a Unique Genius that can help others and provide us with a wealthy lifestyle.

We are curious and motivated and disciplined and inspirational.

And we know we don’t want to practice the law anymore.

We have our vision.

And now you can learn the babysteps and join a community of people doing the same thing you want to do in the Leave Law Behind Online Training Program. The Program has the step-by-step, monthly, guided process I use to help people leave the law, especially if you’re someone who is struggling to get momentum in leaving or doesn’t know where to turn.

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I’ve spent the last 6 years of my life creating online resources and courses to help unhappy, disgruntled, misaligned attorneys leave the law to find jobs and careers that provide more satisfaction and self-worth.

This blog, which I founded after I spoke to a group of recent graduates from my alma mater University of California, Hastings College of the Law about my path in leaving the law, has now grown to a community of thousands, and I am honored to have you be part of it.

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