If you’re not happy as an attorney, then you’re likely this

 June 4, 2018

By  Casey Berman

We attorneys have been trained to be right.

Whether it’s in a contract negotiation, a trial, an interaction with a law firm partner or advising a client, we are trained to be right.

Doesn’t mean we always come out on top, but we sure do try.

Because being right is synonymous in our eyes with being strong and in control and admired and winning and valued and making it and success.

And that need to be right all of the time continues as we explore leaving the law.

But needing to be “right†as we leave the law can also be one of our biggest blockers to leaving. Because instead of being right about a fact or a point of law or a policy, we instead perpetuate being right about why we can’t or shouldn’t or won’t leave the law.

  • I know for near-certainty that I’m not worthy of a non-law job.
  • I’m sure I could never do the work of leaving the law.
  • I’m 99.9% positive I will never make in a non-law job the money I make now as an attorney.

We perpetuate our worries and fears of leaving the law by insisting on being right that our fears and worries about leaving the law will come true.

And this provides us with permission to justify our current existence as an unhappy attorney … of unfulfilled potential and pain and fear and struggle and victimhood.

We have been trained as attorneys to be right. But we haven’t been trained as people to become happy.

We haven’t been trained how to be in alignment or connected or to become our true and ideal self.

That’s what we do for you in the Leave Law Behind Program. A proven, tested, constantly updated online course and coaching program to help you leave the law and transition to an alternative, “non-law” job.

We’ve helped so many unhappy attorneys like you leave the law. And the first step so many have taken is to sign up for a Free Consult with me and my team. It’s a free coaching call directly with one of us.

And please note: if you’re interested in leaving the law, I’d sign up now for a Free Consult. In the near future, these Consults will no longer be free. That’s right, the demand for our Program requires us to begin charging for our time.

Sign up now for the Free Consult before the doors close.

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