The lawyer career change question you can’t yet answer

 May 17, 2019

By  Casey Berman

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There is one lawyer career change question you think you have answered, but you likely haven’t as authentically as you want to. I still struggle with answering it too.


And that question is “What do you want?â€


Sure, you have offered answers to this question:


– You want money.

– You want a fulfilling job.

– You want to be popular.

– You want to live a long life.

– You want to be happy.

– You want to be accepted.

– You want love and appreciation.


And yes, these are things you desire or wish to have in your life.


And whether you’ve realized this or not, you likely want all of these things because you think that the having of them will make you feel better and make you happy.


But you still need to shift your mindset and perspective in order to fully understand how to experience and manifest these things you want.


That’s because you (… and me and anyone … ) can’t really understand what you want until you have received and understood that which you don’t want (its opposite.)


Beyond absolutes

And this is true because we live in a world of relativity. Since we experience our life in relation to something else, knowing and experiencing what you don’t want provides you with the context in which to know and experience what you do want.


– You know what world peace is and feels like because you have experienced first hand (or read and watched videos about) global war and violence.

– You know that a 7 foot tall person is considered “tall†only because there are 4 foot tall people in the world who are by contrast “shortâ€, and there no 9 foot tall people in the world to compare to.

– And you appreciate when you have a great career mainly because you know what subsisting in a bad job makes you feel like.


The good news for you


And turning to you right now as you practice law today, you can only know what professional alignment and confidence and momentum and happiness means in a “non-lawâ€, alternative job in relation to its opposite … that of toiling as an unhappy or bored attorney in a law practice with little to no meaning or purpose.


Fortunately, that means you are right where you need to be 🙂


Being low like you are now helps you see what you really want. Welcome your (ostensibly) bleak situation. As difficult as it may seem, do not resist it or deem it bad or push it away. It provides you with the context for you to experience its opposite, happiness.


The anxiety, depression, unhappiness and lack of fulfillment you suffer as an unhappy or bored attorney should not be viewed as the beginning of a negative downward spiral … but rather as a welcome sign of your ideal-self evolving.


Which is the opposite of what you have and who you are now. And that’s okay.


Now you just need to move towards that opposite reality. And that’s why we created Leave Law Behind … to help you take action to leave your law practice and find a “non-law” career that you can flourish and thrive in.


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“What hurts you blesses you. Darkness is your candle.Your boundaries are your quest.â€Â – Rumi


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