Lazy and just plain scared

 August 16, 2012

By  Casey Berman

So I hurt my foot this past weekend.  While how I did it is not that important (and slightly embarrassing, sprained my foot while jumping into a pool . . . real smooth), what was reinforced is:  It is a complete shock to suddenly have something taken away that previously was taken for granted.

While I wallowed in self-pity this week, and found interesting ways to elevate my leg and also type on my laptop, I couldn’t help wishing I could just snap my fingers and have the pain go away.

And here is where it got interesting.  I made a deal with myself.  I made a list of all the things I promised myself I’d get done, if just please, please, (snap my fingers again) my foot could heal quickly and I could get back to normal.  I will begin writing that Leave Law Behind book (that I’ve been putting off for 2 years).  I will begin planning for that Leave Law Behind in-person networking event I’ve been talking about for 6 months (but not doing anything about).  In short, if my foot will just heal quickly, I’ll stop being lazy.   And I’ll stop being scared.

It’s very easy to be dissuaded by things that take too much energy.  We don’t want to set up informational interviews because it just takes so much time and effort.  We don’t want to set up a website and blog because we don’t know HTML, we are not technical and we don’t know where to start.  We have other work to do (that pays the bills).  We have kids that need what seems like constant attention.  We have to get a meal in somewhere, maybe a work out.  Before we know it, it’s 10pm and we’re exhausted.

It is also very easy to be dissuaded by things that are scary.  Some of us don’t want to even think about leaving the law, as we might have to admit that we made some mistakes in the past – we might have to admit that going to law school was not the best choice.  We don’t want to explore other jobs, because we’re fearful that our current employer may find out.  We don’t want to start a new website, or throw an event or try a new venture because we’re afraid we’ll be ridiculed for having a stupid idea, or we’ll be made fun of if no one shows up.

It has taken an injury (albeit a minor one) for me to promise myself I’ll fight the laziness and fear that keep me from starting on some important goals.  My foot still hurts, but it’s getting better.  I have my list, and my deal, with myself.  Now I have to take the baby steps to start on the book and the events (and share with everyone).  I need to remember that it is not overwhelming and I can find the energy and I won’t be laughed at.

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