The least glamorous, but most effective tool to help you leave the law

 October 31, 2017

By  Casey Berman

The most valuable skill I learned when I was finally ready to leave the law in 2004 was the power of the baby-step.

Babysteps are the best time-intensive-but-still-manageable-build-on-each-other-to-grow-your-confidence-incremental-and-rewarding-forward-moving drivers of progress you can take to effectively leave the law behind for a fulfilling professional (and personal) life.

Babysteps were difficult for me to initially adopt. As an attorney, I wanted to know right now how “it would all turn out”. I didn’t like and wasn’t comfortable with the unknown.

And as a person in today’s day and age, I wanted success now. I didn’t want to wait. I wasn’t comfortable being patient.

This wasn’t a good combination to effectuate change in my life. It wasn’t a good combination to end the dissatisfaction with my job as a lawyer.

But once I became open to using these babystep – again, small non-sexy steps and progress that empower ever growing momentum and confidence and create more and more opportunities – that was the key to my success in launching my non-law, alternative career.

And it’s the success for many people I work with.

I just heard back from a client, who is so close to finally leaving the law. She’s working through the Leave Law Behind Online Course. She has mitigated her fears of leaving, she has a good handle on her money situation, she has explored what she is good at and which of her skills are transferrable to non-law jobs, and now she is “getting out there” and networking.

“I think I got it from here. I know what to do…get out there as you say and create some opportunities. I am so glad that I ran across your website. You are awesome! I don’t think I would have gotten this far without your help, and I am truly grateful.”

A nice plug for Leave Law Behind, sure, 🙂 but it’s also a sign that baby steps do work. That’s real life momentum and confidence right there.

Courage allows us to do bold things, and courage also empowers us to have faith that positive change happens to us, even when we don’t see it right away.

As entrepreneur Russell Simmons recalls “I knew it was unrealistic to think I could build an institution overnight. But if I took baby steps, eventually it would happen.”

The same goes for leaving the law. If you have the desire to change your life, and the patience to take babysteps, I’ve created free and paid-for services that can help you transition out of the law. Click here to learn more about our Personal Consulting, our Online Course or to schedule a time to speak with me directly to discuss what are best next steps for you.

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