How to leave the law in 5 seconds

 May 1, 2017

By  Casey Berman

I remember asking a client who successfully got an informational interview lined up with a tech CEO how he was able to call the busy CEO and get to talk to him and get time on his calendar.

“I called him” was my client’s response.

He just did it. He called the CEO.

He didn’t let his fear or anxiety or risk of embarrassment make him hesitate or back away from the task at hand.

He acted.


The Five-Second Rule

It reminds of a great TedX talk from Mel Robbins, CNN correspondent, life coach, motivational speaker and law school grad. In it, she expands on her popular Five-Second Rule.

The Rule says that anytime you have an idea that seems like a sure thing, act to advance it within five seconds. Don’t hem and haw, don’t hesitate, don’t not-act.

Act within 5 seconds. Make the call. Raise your hand. Click the button. Write down the idea.

Something. Do something within 5 seconds of the idea, but just don’t do nothing. Because science has proven that if you don’t act within 5 seconds, your brain will kill the idea. Our brain, which helps us survive, but does not necessarily do things to make us happy, will extinguish the idea in order to avoid any trouble or risk.

5 seconds. 5 seconds to take action to take a babystep to leave the law.

Spending ten minutes brainstorming on your skills and strengths. Writing one email asking a colleague for an information interview. Writing a guest post for Leave Law Behind. Scheduling a free time to talk with me.

I’m inviting you to join us in helping you to leave the law. Join us.






Join us. We’re here for you. You’re not alone.

Let’s do this one more time.






Join us.

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