More and more and more great jobs

 April 3, 2017

By  Casey Berman

What’s very unique and strategic about the Leave Law Behind Program we teach, and also somewhat frustrating and drawn out for my clients, is that we do not right away focus on what new (non-law, alternative) jobs to pursue.

Strategic … and (initially) frustrating

This approach is unique and strategic because we want our job search to first be informed by our Unique Genius.

We do not just want to go from one job we don’t like (lawyer) to another job, that may sound kind of interesting, but which we may also not really like that much.

We first need to focus on gaining a deep understanding of our skills and strengths and enjoyments, our Unique Genius, and then let this sincere catalog of what we’re good at inform the next steps we take.

Takes some time and introspection, but almost guarantees we end up focusing on jobs that we really like and that align with our skills.

But this approach can also be frustrating. We attorneys want to know right now what this process will result in. We want to know right now how the end game will play out. We want it done and complete and over right now.

But once we take a step back, once we are patient, once we are able to take baby steps, once we are able to become comfortable with the unknown, we can then enjoy the journey. We can then visualize a job that not only brings us (the baseline of) stature, money and security … but also a job we like and that we’re good at.

And here’s the good news. 

There are more jobs out there than just Litigation and Transactional work.

So many jobs. A universe of new jobs for us. So many we haven’t heard of yet. New jobs, real jobs, with unique names, that call for our skills … that call for our interpersonal skills, our storytelling skills, our put-out-fires skills, our adult-in-the-room skills, our herd-the-cats-and-get-it-done-within-the-deadline skills.

There is more to life than Litigation and Transactional work.

There are more jobs out there than just Litigation and Transactional jobs.

There are … well, I think you get the picture.

Here’s a sneak peak …

  • Market Researcher
  • Corporate Communications
  • Content Marketing
  • Professional Relationship Coordinator
  • Chief Development Officer
  • Customer Support & Experience
  • Recruiters
  • Industry Journal Editors
  • Logistics and Operations
  • Strategic Consultants
  • Experience Specialist
  • Visual & Data Communicators
  • Trust and Safety

Want to see which jobs fit with your Unique Genius? Come join the Program.

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