My dad wants you to know this

 August 3, 2018

By  Casey Berman

While my parents wondered for years what this whole “Leave Law Behind” thing was, and really just wanted their nice son to have a respectable career as a lawyer, they now are big fans of what we are doing … my dad was even in attendance at the Live Event we held in San Francisco in December of 2017.

And he recently sent me an Albert Einstein saying to share with you all: “Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution.”

It got me thinking about all of the people in your life that influence and impact you as you explore leaving the law.

Some of them are supportive and positive: They encourage you to change your life, they tell you it’s okay to want to be happy, they provide great feedback on your Unique Genius, they help you network and find job opportunities, and they are the first to toast you and your success in finding your dream career.

And then there are the negative people that Einstein warned us about. We can of course encounter negative people in all aspects of our life, and we do especially when we make them aware that we are considering leaving the law.

These negative people can (implicitly or explicitly) surface new “problems” for you to now deal with as you move towards your (solution) of a dream career and dream life … problems such as:

  • Having to now deal with their disappointment that you are “giving up” being a lawyer
  • Having to now handle their mocking you for not being able to “stick it out” as an attorney
  • Feeling their jealousy that you are making a life change that they wished they could have attempted
  • Knowing they are now anxious about, and fearing for, all of the unknowns they think you will face as you shift your life

And on and on …

These problems they are highlighting are problems only if you pay attention to them.

Let me repeat that: These negative people will pay attention to these problems … but these problems only become your problems if you also pay attention to them.

So … do not pay attention to them, to the negative people, or to the problems.

Instead, we’d like you to surround yourself with people who are confident in themselves and you, who have faith in themselves and you, who are not fearful, who are realistic and also allow themselves to be dreamers, who do not try to control you, who welcome change.

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