[Podcast] Signs you may be on your way out of the law

 March 13, 2017

By  Casey Berman

I think you’re going to like one of our recent podcast episodes at “Love or Leave the Law”.

As many of you know, Love or Leave the Law is a point/counterpoint format, where Adam Ouellette (a fellow Leave Law Behind reader, author and founder of www.EsquireAcademy.com) and I discuss how to (re) love the law again … or find ways to leave it.

In this recent episode, we focus on all of the signs that you may be on your way out of the law.

It can be very difficult to determine whether continuing to practice the law is right for you.

On the one hand, we may be unfulfilled, anxious and unhappy as a lawyer.

On the other hand, it’s the one job we really know and we’ve invested so much in becoming an attorney.

In this episode of Love or Leave the Law, Adam and I explore the early signs that you may be on your way out of the law, even if you don’t know it yet. We get into a deep discussion about how to recognize the onset of boredom and depression as an attorney, resources to help mitigate their adverse affects and thought and suggestions on next steps.

I hope you enjoy.

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