Posted Today on AboveTheLaw.com – From the Career Files: The First Step in Leaving Law Behind — It’s the Money, Stupid

 January 18, 2013

By  Casey Berman

As a contributing writer to Above the Law’s Career Center, today they published part I of a five part series I’m writing on how to leave the law.

In  “From the Career Files: The First Step in Leaving Law Behind — It’s the Money, Stupid“, we explore why the first step in properly leaving the law is not polishing your resume or networking or combing through job posting.  The first step is to overcome any money fears we may have and to become as confident and exact as possible in understanding (i) our expenses and (ii) our safety net and other sources of financial support you can call upon if needed.

Please give it a read, and add your thoughts on abovethelaw.com or email me directly.  Thanks so much.

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