You are on the right side of history

 February 12, 2018

By  Casey Berman

You are reading this right now because you want to leave the law.

You want to leave because of the anxiety you suffer as an attorney, or because you are bored by the subject matter of the law, or because you feel no or little connection with your clients or the firm, or …

But many obstacles block you from leaving.

And one of the main barriers you face in leaving your law practice behind is that the legal community has never really embraced or been open to its members admitting they are unhappy. To revealing they want to leave. To exploring alternative, “non-law†careers.

As such, you can’t share your unhappiness with others in the firm. You don’t want to disappoint your colleagues or friends or family by leaving.

You suffer from the social taboo that you should just grin and bear it and be happy as an attorney and push down any feeling you have that practicing the law isn’t your life purpose.

Well … I’m happy to say that this is all changing, and we’re all going to be the beneficiaries.

An example of this is the talk I’m giving on Monday March 1 2018 at the Bar Association of San Francisco (along with fellow coach Elena Deutsch of WILL) called “Alternative Careers: Take Action Toward the Life You Desire”, a session for attorneys who are eager to shift to an alternative, “non-law†career.

I am honored to work with the Bar Association of San Francisco to help attorneys identify, explore and pursue alternative careers.

[You can sign up here to attend in person, or via webcast – all proceeds go to the Bar Association of San Francisco]

And this also bears witness that a shift is happening in the world of law.

You know how bad you feel when you realize that you can’t tell anyone you are unhappy as an attorney and need to keep it all inside?

You know how that feeling you get when you think that you are all alone in your struggle to be happy?

You know the doubt that creeps in when you realize that you have no idea what jobs exist beyond Transactional work and Litigation?

Begin to kiss them good bye. The times they are a changin’.

You can sign up here to attend in person, or via webcast – all proceeds go to the Bar Association of San Francisco.

And to learn more about how I can coach you to leave the law, click here to sign up for a free consult call directly with me.

Casey Berman

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