Stay stuck in your job (for now)

 July 27, 2012

By  Casey Berman

Many of us want to leave our law job right now.  This is understandable.  We are frustrated, not happy, not enjoying our day-to-day.  We are not doing what we want.

But we are getting paid.  We can pay our bills, we can pay down our student loans (and any other debt), we can hopefully put some away for retirement, we can possibly build up our savings.

As this blog has stated over and over, there is no way around the fact that done right, leaving law behind is a long journey.  While the rewards are huge, it’s a process that takes a lot of trial and error and self-analysis.  It takes planning and courage and a lot of help.

Which is why a great place to start in leaving the law is to examine how your current job can help you take your first baby step.  Besides just paying your bills, your current job can help fund:

– A career counselor (contact me or Jennifer Alvey or Katie Slater)
– A legal job recruiter (ask for Lindsay)
– An independent contractor on elance or odesk who can help you build your first website
– A social media consultant who can help you understand and grow your own social media presence
– A resume consultant
– A personal assistant here in San Francisco to help you with all of those tasks you need to get done
– A nutritionist and trainer to help you get into shape and feel better (my sis Jae, the best in the business)
– Some free time to help you develop your Unique Genius (and what you want to actually do once you leave the law)
– Some free time to think critically about who you are, what are your plans and what job, lifestyle and routine is the best for you
– Some free time to write a book . . . or video blog on YouTube . . . or volunteer
– Some free time to write a one page business plan for your new legal firm . . . or new consulting practice . . . or your new ecommerce site . . . or your new branded product company
– Some free time to travel (across the world or just a few hours away)
– The courage to ask and plan for a leave of absence
– The courage to start informational interviews
– The courage to take babysteps to leave the law behind

Leaving the law is at its core about the journey AND the destination.

So let your job pay for the trip.

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