Leaving the law requires not much more than doing this

 September 26, 2017

By  Casey Berman

My 7 year old son is a smart kid. His teacher said he’s very academically advanced and is very passionate about the subjects he likes, such as math, endangered species, fantasy stories and farming.

But she also said that when he is faced with a new, challenging or unclear task, his motivation drops dramatically.

My son will say he doesn’t want to do such-and-such challenging task because he is tired or bored or hungry.

But his teacher observed that my son likely opts out of attempting such-and-such challenging task so as to avoid failing at it.

Does this sound like you?

We all know that we perfectionist attorneys are afraid of making a mistake, especially in attempting to leave the law behind for an alternative career.

We do not want to fail. We may not have faith in ourselves to follow through. We do not want to disappoint others.

We want to please people. We’re ambitious. And we likely haven’t even thought there could be a future beyond just being a lawyer.

And so we don’t act.

But success in leaving the law is not about being perfect. Rather, it is about being persistent.

Success is about grit. And a burning desire to change.

Success is about babysteps. And incremental movement.

Success is about failing in such small ways, that it doesn’t hurt at all.

Leaving the law becomes just another habit

Success is about making change a daily habit. Change then becomes much less something overwhelming, and more something you fit in throughout your day.

I wanted to be a writer. Writing each day seemed impossible to me. Until I made it a habit. Now I write every day. It’s not all good, but it is all done.

I wanted to jog each day. I could never wake up early. Once I laid out my clothes and shoes by the door each night and rescued a tireless 70 pound Labradoodle from the SPCA, jogging became just part of my morning routine.

Leaving the law successfully is really just about changing your habits.

I teach these habits and babysteps in the Leave Law Behind Course. Learn more here.

And you really can’t make a mistake in doing so. If you start the Course, and do not want to continue, let me know within 30 days and I’ll personally send you a full refund, no questions asked.

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