The fifth step in leaving the law behind: Keep motivating yourself

 May 28, 2012

By  Casey Berman

As Zig Ziglar says, “People often say that motivation doesn’t last.  Well, neither does bathing – that’s why recommend it daily”

To leave law behind, and to continue to grow and develop in the way you want, you have to continuously find motivation in this hectic world of ours.  Some easy ways to do so are:

1.      Say thank you.  Out loud, out the window, in your head, as a whisper, wherever.  Being thankful, anactually saying it out loud, reminds us of all we do have and can do, even when we feel daunted or down or uninspired.

2.      Realize that you are your own startup.  Even while you hold down your current job, when you think of yourself less like a cog in a wheel, less like a dispensable associate, less like just an employee, less like just another guy, and more like a CEO of a start-up business (you), a growing entity with your own financial statements and R&D Department and Executive Team, you realize that every company (very company!) has to start small and that you’re right on track.

3.      Write a manifesto.  While a fancy sounding word, all this means is taking a public step to tell the world what you are about and what is important to you.  It puts a stake in the ground and makes you committed.  This “statement of intentions” can of course be kept private at first.  Focus on questions (high minded and detailed), like “What do I want from work?”, “How do I want my work to support my life?”, “How do I want work to feel?”, “Where do I want to work?”, “What do I want to wear to work?”, “How do I want my children or spouse to describe what I actually do?”, “What titles are important to me?”, “How do I feel about money?”, “What do I want in general?”, “What do I not want at all?”, “How do I want to spend a normal weekday?”, and on.

Leaving the law can be a lonely path.   It helps to bathe regularly in motivation.

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