The main reason why we may not leave the law behind

 April 8, 2012

By  Casey Berman

It takes too long.  We think, or we know, that it will just take longer than we are prepared to endure for us to leave the law behind and find an exciting job, create a new venture, or pursue small baby steps on the side that lead to more happiness, satisfaction, enjoyment and money.

We want our happiness, and our passion, and our new skill set now (or close to now) because we aren’t happy with what we are currently doing.  But the thought of branching out into the unknown, into the less secure without a definite timetable is scarier for many of us than just to keep doing what we’re doing.

Yes, leaving the law will take a long time.  The same, if not longer, than it took us to get where we are now.  There really is no way around that.  But the secret is not to feel like we are branching out into the unknown or the less secure.  The secret is to have a plan.  A plan we’ll begin sketching out in the next post.

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