The reason you think the way you do

 December 11, 2019

By  Casey Berman

And you adopted these beliefs from other people.

In other words, you think and act the way you do because someone told you to think and act that way.

You were a blank slate when you were born. We all were. And as you grew up, you took on beliefs from your parents and siblings and extended family and culture and city and country and friends and class.

You gained faith and confidence that certain things told to you were true.

Some of these beliefs may contribute to your greater good.

Some of these beliefs hold you back.

For us attorneys who want to leave the law, remember that the source of how you think and live your life came to you from others.

So when you feel right now that you cannot leave the law because you could never possibly make enough money in an “alternative” career to live on, that belief came from someone else.

When you feel right now that your skills allow you only to perform “lawyer” work, that idea came from someone else.

When you feel that stress and working hard and always having to be “on” in case a client needs you, are just natural aspects of a job, that idea came from someone else.

If you don’t like how it feels to read these beliefs, the good news is that just as you adopted these beliefs from someone else, you can now change these beliefs by aligning with a new set of thoughts that feels good and connects with your ideal self and that lifts you up and doesn’t bring you down.

That’s what we are all about at Leave Law Behind. We’ve created the the Leave Law Behind Career Coaching Program, the proven method to help you leave your legal practice and move into your dream career.

For example, in the Program, we’ve identified the top 21 “non-law” jobs that are a fit with your skill set, provide a wealth of detail about these jobs, have customized (plain English) Resumes written for each job (Word docs you can easily download) and curate and share real life job openings across the country for Program Members.

This is the Program designed just for you, an attorney unhappy practicing the law, and looking to leave, but not knowing how. Click here to learn more and join us.

Ready to take BACK Control of Your Life?

Are you feeling stuck in your legal career, dreaming of a way out? At Leave Law Behind, we specialize in helping lawyers like you find fulfilling nonlaw careers that reignite your passion and restore balance to your life.
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