This email may make you angry

 June 13, 2018

By  Casey Berman

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”

—Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, 1902-1932


And that’s exactly what scares us about leaving the law.

See, we unhappy attorneys are miserable practicing law.

We lack hope that we can ever really enjoy our lives.

We are frustrated that we are not making enough money.

We wonder what we can ever be “good” at.

We feel alone and that no one in our lives or at the office understands what’s going on in our heads.

We feel guilty that we aren’t enjoying our profession, which we’ve spent so much money and time and effort to attain.

We all nod our heads at this.

But even with all of this misery … we still stall in taking even that small babystep to change our lives and explore leaving the law because in doing so we know we will evolve ourselves. We know we will transform ourselves. We know we will change.

And once we change, we will never allow ourselves to go back … to go back to being an unhappy attorney miserable about practicing law and lacking hope that we’ll ever enjoy our lives and being frustrated that we are not making enough money.

We know we will never allow ourselves to go back to being that person that worries about what he or she is good at.

We know we will never allow ourselves to go back to being that person that feels alone or feels full of guilt.

So we stick to the miserable life we have because it’s a narrative and a story we know well … even if it is a story that makes us sick.

And this truth can hurt. it can make you angry. So much so that you may click that unsubscribe button below because you never want to hear me say this to you again.

That’s okay. I know that change isn’t always seamless or quick, especially for us risk-averse attorneys, but it is doable, when you truly want to live that new change, when you’re ready for that new change, and when you’re motivated to change your life story.

That’s where our Leave Law Behind Program comes in. Our online course and coaching program help you incrementally and smoothly and sincerely make these changes to leave the law and land an alternative, “non-law” job.

First babystep: Sign up for a Free Consult with me and my team. It’s a free coaching call directly with one of us.

And if you want to, and are ready to, leave the law, I suggest you sign up now for a Free Consult. In next few weeks or month, these Consults will no longer be free. That’s right, the demand for our Program requires us to begin charging for the Consult times.

Ready to take BACK Control of Your Life?

Are you feeling stuck in your legal career, dreaming of a way out? At Leave Law Behind, we specialize in helping lawyers like you find fulfilling nonlaw careers that reignite your passion and restore balance to your life.
If you've practiced law for seven or more years and are considering a change, we invite you to watch our short welcome video below. Then, schedule a free call with us to see if you're the perfect fit for our transformative coaching program. Your future begins here.

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