This is how it starts

 February 6, 2017

By  Casey Berman

I spoke with a coaching student today. We’re beginning to work on her Unique Genius and she told me that she didn’t know which way to think any more. She was thinking so many thoughts.

She is excited to actually begin to leave the law because she is so unhappy as an attorney. She is motivated to find other non-law jobs out there that could align with her skills and strengths. She is happy to visualize a future where she doesn’t have to litigate and fight each day.

But she also thinks she should maintain the only professional identity she knows. She has doubts whether she could actually make it in an alternative career. She thinks that if she leaves the law it is proof of her weakness, that she couldn’t “make it†as a lawyer.

And I told her that maybe the point is to think less, and feel more.

What are our emotions telling us?

Maybe this is just how it starts. Maybe there is no big bang, or aha moment, or inspiration or external force telling us to begin to leave the law.

Maybe your leaving the law just started when you first felt that pang of unhappiness.

Maybe your leaving the law started when you told that first person in confidence that you were unhappy as an attorney and might want to do something else.

Maybe your leaving the law started when you googled in private “how to leave the lawâ€.



Maybe it starts right now, as you’re reading this. Maybe the nodding of your head, the realization that things in your life can change, that things can get better for you, this is where it starts.

Maybe this is the first baby step we can take to leave.

And the other steps are at your disposal in the Leave Law Behind Online Training Program. The Program has the step-by-step, monthly, guided process I use to help people leave the law, especially if you’re someone who is struggling to get momentum in leaving or doesn’t know where to turn.

But it’s not for everyone. It’s only for people who want to leave the law now.

Join here: https://leavelawbehind.com/online-training

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