Today is the tomorrow you feared yesterday

 March 7, 2012

By  Casey Berman

It’s Wednesday.  We’ve made it.  Remember that anxiety and nervousness we may have felt on Sunday evening about what we had to do, what we had to face, what we had to get through on Monday and Tuesday?  It’s Wednesday and we’re still around, so we must have done something right.  And likely what caused those big fears in our gut on Sunday (and Monday) turned out to not be that bad.  In fact the meeting or phone call or document or presentation or news we feared probably turned out okay (or even fairly well) or taught us something important or made us better or just wasn’t a big deal.

In order to leave law behind it’s very important to realize what strengths, skills and experiences we possess today.  Not what we had in the past (that we can learn from) or what we want in the future (that we can create).  We are often so concerned with what we have not accomplished so far or what we need to get done next, that we do not see that many of our previous wishes and goals have already been granted and achieved.

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