What would you do as a “non-lawyer”?

 September 7, 2016

By  Casey Berman

This past weekend my family and I were in the north Boston area for a family event.

Our Saturday was wide open and free. My wife and daughter chose to go on a short road trip with some aunts and uncles to New Hampshire and Maine.

My 6-year-old son and I chose to spend the day at the nearby waterslide park!

Giant whirlpools, body and raft waterslides, a fast paced river tube ride, a basketball hoop in the pool, a water themed obstacle course, hamburgers and fries and ice cream … all cozily contained in a 65,000 square foot, 84 degree indoor biosphere.

It was a blast … so much so that we stayed too long and were late for the family event!


The value this place provides

But amidst all of the fun and noise and chasing and laughing, I did take a moment or two to slow down and be as mindful as I could and observe the scene.

The park’s website said that we would have a “splashtastic” day of “kidfriendly fun”.

That was correct. But I don’t think the owners of this park truly realize the value that their park provided us all:

  • Dads and sons were able to bond and be together distraction-free and have fun
  • The teenage lifeguards were able to make some side cash and be independent authority figure
  • Young children were able to run around freely and safely away from their parents and learn and engage with other kids and on their own
  • We were all able to disconnect from our cell phones and quiet our minds and enjoy the moment
  • We were all able to run around and burn calories and move our muscles
  • We were all able to be around and talk to and play with people of all ethnicities and races
  • We were all able to stand under plentiful, gushing showers and enjoy the healing power of water
  • We were all able to act like kids again


It helped me

This waterpark helped me. It helped my ego, my soul, my body, my emotions, my thoughts.

As we leave the law, let’s remember that the most authentic way to find the next path is to explore how each of us can really help. How we can really add value.

As we come to better terms with what our special skills and traits are (our Unique Genius) we will understand through which non-law jobs and roles we will add the most value to others, and also excel at for ourselves.

Once we leave the law, we will help people as only each of us can. And it will feel so right.

You can begin to explore the true value you can provide through the Leave Law Behind self paced Online Course, or the one-to-one personal Leave Law Behind Consulting.

Both the Course and the Consulting have a full money back guarantee.

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