Why we have an obligation to leave the law (and to meet in person on October 2nd)

 September 6, 2012

By  Casey Berman

We are an educated group of people.  We know how to work hard and smart.  We have the sharp intellect, honed power of persuasion, solid work ethic and network of connections.  We are driven to succeed and to help and to grow.  We are overly qualified to do just about anything we set our mind to.

There is no better group of people than unhappy, disgruntled, potential-unrealized, not-totally-satisfied-with-themselves attorneys to remake themselves, to change course (altogether or just slightly) in order to help change the world.  To change their world and that of others.

And I’m going to go out on a limb now and say that this shouldn’t be optional:  Any of us who feel they are not reaching their full potential personally and professionally, have an obligation and a responsibility, to themselves and the world around them, to make a change.  We are too valuable of a commodity to languish doing things we do not enjoy and may not be that good at.

There is money to be made.  There are non-profits to be formed.  There are joint ventures to be created.  There are new ideas to be executed upon.  There are charities that need help.  There are companies looking for sage advice.  There are companies to lead.  There are posts to be appointed to.  There are new blog to be written.  There are jobs to create.  There are events to be thrown.  There are communities to grow.  There are offices to run for.  There is new content to create.  There are consigliore positions to be filled.  There are new technologies to learn.  There are status quos to hack.  There are times to be happy.  There is satisfaction to be gained.

We unhappy, disgruntled, potential-unrealized, not-totally-satisfied-with-ourselves attorneys let fear keep us down even before we begin.  As great as the above sounds, there are risks to take.  There are grains to go against.   We often can’t muster the energy on our own.

But we can together.  Come join me on the evening of Tuesday October 2nd as I host a Leave Law Behind in-person event in downtown San Francisco.

The goal of the event is simple:  Give our passionate community the chance to connect in person, share stories, inspire each other and become accountable for doing the great things that are most important to us.  To do the great things only we can accomplish.

There will be a short introduction from myself, other great speakers and a lot of time to network and be inspired.

The actual location of the event will be announced soon, but please mark the evening of Tuesday October 2nd in your calendars.  I’m looking forward to seeing you in person.  I’m looking forward to you beginning to earn what is yours.  I’m looking forward to witnessing your first step on a daring new journey.   I’m looking forward to seeing you gain momentum.

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