You actually do not want to leave the law. This is what you want.

 May 8, 2018

By  Casey Berman

I was thinking about what we unhappy, disgruntled attorneys want.

We say we want to leave our job as an attorney.

We say we want to never practice law again.

We say we want to never have to deal with our clients or partners again.

We say we want to do something else.

We say we want more money.

But that’s not really what we want.

You want freedom.

You want joy. And confidence. And purpose and meaning. And free time. And friends and warmth. And travel. And being your true self. And doing work that matters. And adding value to the world.

And freedom.

Leaving the law is just a way to get all you really want.

It’s easy to dream about leaving the law … and then not do anything about it, hiding behind your excuses and delays and fears and sabotaging your dreams.

But you are ambitious and smart and can make money and have proven yourself. So why are you still miserable and still unhappy and still practicing the law?

It’s because there is a price to attaining this freedom. There is a price to adding value to the world.

It’s because the price you pay for freedom is being different. Being in alignment. Being in the zone. Being contrarian. Being new. Being happy. Being clear. Being relaxed.

The price you pay for what you as an unhappy attorney really, really want is the need to be courageous, to have faith in yourself, to become your ideal self, to rely on yourself, to have everything up to you, to not have to please everyone, to have all the choices be yours, to not be able to hide behind your excuses.

This is a way of thinking and being that you just aren’t used to. It’s not what you have been taught in school or by your parents. It’s not what others around you are doing.

And while it sounds so good and utopian and aspirational (to be free), it actually really scares you because … it’s different. It’s a change. It’s the unknown.

But if you’re willing to pay this price, and overcome this fear, and stop being stuck, we’re willing to help you each step of the way.

Come sign up for a free consult call with me to learn more about the Leave Law Behind Program and how we can help you become what you really want to in life.

To you enjoying the process of being your ideal self,

Casey Berman

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